Top 10 Best Drip Coffee Maker In 2017 | Reviews & Guide

Majority of us prefer to prepare coffee using a drip brewer over the other popular brewing methods like French Press, Espresso, Aeropress or Single Serve etc. Companies around the world motionlessly manufacturing these sophisticated machines with different style and features for centuries now and as a consequence, you will find a variety of options when it comes to buy the best drip coffee maker for your home or office according to your needs and budgets.

Although, most of these brewers are very similar of its kind, you can differentiate them as automatic, manual (semiautomatic), programmable, or of their brew capacities. Each of these features contains their own pros and cons. Hence, it is advisable to know about those features adequately before you make any further decision.

Some of us feel comfortable with lots of options using a device but it is obviously true that too many options create confusion. And this confusion might lead you towards an incorrect achievement.  To remove these kinds of anxiety from your end, we carefully accomplished research and reviewed hundreds of drip makers. We gathered knowledge from our lots of users and experts and based on their point of views we lastly reached to you with these top 10 best drip coffee makers which will amazingly satisfy you through their efficient performance.

This guide is to simplify your search for the best drip coffee maker in 2017

Common capacity for the most drip brewers is 4 to 12 cup. You can choice in between small and large based on the number of members in your family. But, if you are single, busy enough and would like to have a quick cup in a minute or two, then a single cup coffee maker would be the best option.

Staying around a mid range like 8 to 10 cup would also be wise, if your home receives frequent visitors. You can use it two ways and may utilize its fullest capacity only when there are guests in your house.

You might also think between an automated and a manual drip coffee maker. Generally an automatic drip machine comes with more features than a manual one but a manual drip have their antique value too as it will give you control over the tasks that need to be performed while you are preparing your coffee.

Again, price will play a role here as manual coffee makers are cheaper than the automated ones. Make sure to keep durability in mind while finalizing your decision because you will not likely to buy another machine in a number of years or so.

Most excellent feature above all is its programmable functionality. This will automatically shut down your machine while brewing is over. It also keeps you safe from any unwanted electric hazard and saves energy at the same time.

A programmable drip coffee maker will make your life so easy. You can set your preferred time and find your hot ready coffee when you get back to home or get up from bed.

If you are looking to get an immediate hot cup of coffee before the brewing is completed then the pause button will come in handy. Some machines make noise and some only show lights at the end of brew cycle. You may also consider between thermal, glass and a stainless still carafe.

So, now as you know enough about the things one should know before buying a perfect brewer, let us now jump onto our attractive list of top 10 best drip coffee makers in 2017. The coffee makers are chosen with care at a combination of quality, features, performance and affordability. Please also be assured that each of them is the best of their class and none of them will let you down.

A team of Japanese interior designer along with its counterpart Zojirushi has come up with this unique design from the opposite direction. They first designed its outer body then adjust the technology inside. You will find the drip cone just inside the glass carafe thus makes it smaller to save space at your kitchen.

These tech giant has long been renowned for their premium water boiler, thereby given the same performance to reach its ideal temperature of 205-degree f with such a small wattage (650). For the smallest machine on the market to reach this standard heating temperature is the result of reliable Japanese engineering.

EC-DAC50 Zutto has a 5-cup removable water tank and its charcoal water filter can last 2 years long if used as per instructions given on the Manuel.  Another brilliant inclusion is automatic keep warmer that minimize the need for an auto shut-off button.


  • Water filter prevents falling of the coffee grounds
  • Extremely easy to use and clean
  • Removable water reseurvoir


  • Sometimes it fails to reach necessary brewing temperature of 205 degree f
  • Plastic body needs extra care while in use

In such a pocket friendly price, these issues can easily be ignored to enjoy rest of the benefits a Zojirushi zutto EC DAC50 5-cup drip coffee maker has to offer.

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Hamilton-beach-coffeemakerHamilton Beach Single Serve and 12 Cup Coffee Maker is one of those few coffee makers which are adored by the consumers. This has everything that it takes to make you love coffee even more. This is a two-way coffee maker which will give you both types of coffees (either one brew or 12 cups) within minutes.

Large capacity water reservoir comes with an exclusive mesh filter that purifies the water even more while pouring on a carafe. The coffee maker comes with one year warranty along with a brew basket, cup rest, carafe, and brewer. The single-serve pack holder also comes handy in most scenarios.

The machine is easy to program and its real-time features  will allow you to set the timer up to 24 hours to start brewing. The stainless steel body looks brilliant from both distance and near. There is a brew selector in this machine which will allow you to decide the strength of your coffee depending on a particular situation. So, if you are in need of a hard coffee or a light one, you can always set the mode.


  • Single cup can be brewed in just 2 munities
  • Stainless Still ensures durability
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Only 1 years warranty
  • Only 1 way processing can be activated at a time

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cuisinart drip coffee makerIf you want more control over your coffee machine at a reasonable budget, Cuisinart DCC 2600 made exactly for you.  Without compromising any quality issues, this brew central will deliver delicious coffee every time you prepare full 14 cup or 1 to 5 cup in a go.

Flavor setting will also give you comfort while preparing coffee, you can choose between bold or strong to match your mood or preference. There is a temperature adjustment tool which will help you to make sure that you get the desired temperature every time you drink coffee. It’s timer along with automatic shut off method are also of a great benefit. Overall, this is a great product for busy people as the machine can take care of itself and your coffee.

It’s timer along with automatic shut off method are also of a great benefit. Overall, this is a great product for busy people as the machine can take care of itself and your coffee.

Amazingly, this device includes a brew pause functionality that allows you to pour a quick cup while the brewing is still running. However, you need not stay behind the machine to complete the cycle as it will create five back to back beep to let you know its ready.


  • Small and Large batch brewing capacity
  • Adjustable Temperature Heater
  • Three Years Warranty


  • Few users complained about leakage after years of use.
  • Loud alarm sometime annoying

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Cuisinart Drip Coffee Maker

Compact features along with a classic design make Cuisinart DCC 1200 a much desirable coffee maker to the affectionate coffee lovers. The device can easily reach up to 205 degrees of Fahrenheit within five minutes which is ideal to boil your coffee perfectly.

The functionality includes a keep warmer plate that helps your coffee to stay hot. Brew pause button lets you enjoy a cup of coffee even before the brewing is complete.

Apart from a full brew (12-cup), you can set it up to 4-cup when there is less number of people at home. A charcoal filter attached to water tank purifies water even further.

Clean-time indicator is an interesting feature, whenever your machine build up calcium, this light comes visible to alert you. Auto shut-off function will also help you to save some energy.


  • Easy to program Control Panel
  • BPA free construction
  • LU listed


  • No thermal carafe included
  • No strength selector

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BUNN drip coffee maker

Let’s look at coffee machines from a different perspective. We always say that coffee machine is something that enhances the look of your kitchen but think for a second right now. Do you think, look is more important than the coffee itself? The answer is obviously negative and therefore, you should always look for the inner qualities first in a coffee maker rather than looking for great look.

Well, fortunately, you can get both of them in a Bunn BT Velocity Brew Thermal Carafe. Bunn does not offer a super exclusive design but the features and the build quality will make you feel great about this product. If only performance is considered then this machine scores higher than any other machines on the market. Its 800-watt heater along with an internal thermostat keeps producing an ideal brewing temperature of 196 to 205-degree f.  And can deliver excellent 10 cup of coffee in less than 5 minutes.

Bunn also belongs to a unique showerhead design that dispenses water evenly over coffee grounds, therefore, reduces temperature loss and extract wonderful aroma.


  • Fastest coffee brewer on the market
  • Preserve hot coffee for late consumption
  • 3 years Manufacturer’s warranty


  • Lack of programmable features
  • Big gadget

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Bonavita Best Drip Coffee Maker

Bonavita coffee maker is another one stop solution for coffee lovers. This Garman engineered coffee maker has already won the most prestigious SCAA award. And it is found reasonable when checked user’s reviews.   The machine has two types of heating systems as one of them works solely for brewing and another one is used to make sure that the carafe glass is always on the perfect temperature.

You can prepare the coffee and just go out to have fun. The coffee will be kept at the perfect temperature till you come back with the help of brilliant 1400 watt heating technology and therefore, you will always get to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee.

This great machine will take around 5 to 6 minutes to brew full 8 cup excellent coffee in a go. In addition, a 55 watt weep warmer will keep the temperature of that brand new coffee hot for next 2 hours.

The case material is stainless steel which is great to look at. Negatives are tough to find in products like this but you should know that this machine will take around 1400 W of electricity on every use which is not a small number.


  • Unique showerhead design intended to perfect saturation
  • Reliable Garman Technology
  • 2 years Manufacturer’s warranty


  • Presetting of the brewing time not available
  • Not suitable for those who need more than 8 cup every time

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brew express drip coffee makerBrew Express BEC 110 is commonly known as BEC-110. Obviously, this is a coffee maker from the famous brand Brew Express and in one line, if you are looking for a combination of class and comfort then this is your solution to target.

The machine has a self-feeling feature which means that you will only have to add the coffee beans. The machine is going to take care of the rest for you. The machine has been tested with Coffee Associations of America and they have approved the taste and quality of the coffee that this machine makes. The variation is negligible and you will always receive the same taste no matter how many times you use this machine. An adjustable cup selector will allow you to prepare 10 cup or 1 cup as per your needs.

Unlike other coffee makers, Brew Express BEC-110 dispensed coffee into an insulated carafe to out the beverage at the right temperature.

Another great part is that the machine is fast. It brews coffee at a double speed than the regular brewers so if you are an ultra busy person, this is your solution to go for. The product is safe and reliable as it doesn’t get damaged. It has all the sensors, buttons, and a great display. Overall, this is a premium product which does not have any reason not to be bought.


  • Perfectly set on a kitchen countertop
  • Hassle free cleaning facilities of the parts
  • Highly durable thereby saves money as you are not going by another machine in “X” number of years.


  • Take some time to get used to it

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Technivorm Moccamaster Drip Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a premium coffee brewer with excellent quality in terms of not only design but also maintenance, performance, features and possibly everything else then this is the one that you should set an eye for. This handmade machine builds in Netherland.  All major standard approval from SCAA, SCAE and ECBC has made this machine unparallel from rest of the drip coffee makers.

Its unique spray head consisted with nine holes that drip water evenly on the grounds during brew cycle. Mocamaster’s heavy duty boiler ensures optimal brewing temperature between 198-205 degree f. And the coffee can be kept hot at a fixed temperature set by you till you take it out to drink.

The water tank can not only be filled easily due to its wide opener but also can easily measure as it is clearly mentioned on the body. Technivorm has always been a brand with a positioning of building exceptional products and according to them; this is another proof of their quality.

Although, the price of this machine is a bit costly, it can be justified as it builds to last long without compromising on great taste coffee.


  • Immediately reach optimal brewing temperature and keeps that temperature long
  • Awarded by SCAA, SCAE & ECBC
  • Long 5 years warranty


  • A short cord might requires to rearrange your kitchen table near electric plug

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Bonavita Drip Coffee Maker

You already know about the Bonavita BV1800 which was a regular 8 cup coffee maker. If you are looking for an exclusive coffee maker from this same brand then this is the one that you should have your eyes on. Though it brews the same amount of coffee like the other one, the engineering that is done in this machine made it a premium one.

The machine makes sure that you get a perfect mixture of water and coffee ground every time while you prepare coffee. The heater is of 1400W which raises and holds the heat of the water to the ultimate level. The stainless steel carafe will also attract your hands and the BPA free plastic will keep you and the kitchen healthy.

The Bonavita BV 1800 TH has already been awarded for its quality and performance by the Specialized Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and is totally UL Accredited for safety and security reasons. This machine comes with 2 years of warranty and it is definitely worth buying if you are looking for a premium coffee maker.


  • Designed for exact water and coffee grounds contact time
  • Unique showerhead engineering ensures ultimate saturation and extraction
  • BPA-Free Plastic


  • Expensive
  • Not programmable ahead of brewing time

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Mr. Coffee Drip Coffee Maker

Now, what if you want to have a good coffee maker on your kitchen table but you don’t want to spend a ton of money? Well, the name of your solution is Mr. Coffee BVMC SJX33GT which is a 12 cup coffee maker. The product is not only a valued one in terms of price, it is also a great one when it comes to making a huge junk of coffee for either the whole family or for your multiple needs.

This is a programmable coffee maker and you can easily set the taste of your coffee using the programming options. The pre-program features will make sure that you get the same taste every time you prepare coffee with this machine. There is a great display which keeps showing vital information such as when your brewing was completed and how long since you didn’t drink the coffee and so on.

Most amazingly, The Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT ranked No. 1 on Amazon Best Seller in Coffee Machine Category. Mr. Coffee BVMC comes with 1 year of warranty. If you just want to taste a quality coffee maker, this can be a great entry product as the opportunity cost is very low in this case.


  • Real value for money
  • Fully Programmable
  • Keeps coffee hot for 2 hours


  • Make a lot of sound while brewing
  • Minor water leakage may occur after years of use.

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Choices vary from person to person and people choose different coffee makers for different reasons. The list that you just read is a list of top 10 best drip coffee maker of the market in 2017. You can choose any of them and be satisfied with it. It is up to you now that which feature is more preferable to your taste compared to other ones. Think properly before you finalize the decision because you will not purchase another coffee maker in recent times.



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