Household Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

10 Household Uses For Used Coffee Grounds You Need To Try

Coffee grounds are often wasted because people think they are worthlessness. However, according to many studies, coffee grounds have great uses in our daily life. Below are some proven household uses for used coffee grounds you can try for yourself.

The researchers claim that coffee grounds have unlimited potential application. For instance, it can be used to make biofuels, healthy foods and organic fertilizers. They say that coffee grounds must be incubated for at least 98 days for them to disintegrate completely. This is also the time when the residue can be used as a fertilizer, benefiting plants from nutrient-rich nitrogen and potassium. Coffee grounds not only provide an alternative to cheap and environmentally-friendly natural agricultural fertilizers but are also effective in regulating and enhancing the soil.

Coffee grounds can also be used as a material for the production of a variety of chemicals, including enzymes and hormones, for the digestion of common biological compounds, or for growing fungi, producing bacteria and other crops. Another extract in coffee grounds called chlorogenic acid which is an antioxidant, anticancer, and have neuroprotective properties. You’ll be amazed to know that Coffee oil is also used to make fuel for buses in London.

Household Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

Deodorize in the Refrigerator

Coffee grounds are used as an odor absorber. Place a small bowl of coffee grounds in the refrigerator overnight then the unpleasant smell will completely disappear that help you preserve foods better. Repeat the cycle every few weeks to have the best effect. You can also leave the coffee grounds in the fridge for several days to deodorize the smell of meat and fish. In addition, if your hands cling to food like fish and garlic when cooking, rub your hands with a handful of coffee grounds then rinse with soap.

Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

Use as Fertilizer for Plants

Fertilizer for the soil is one of the major uses for used coffee grounds, as it contains a lot of protein, magnesium, and potassium. They are particularly suitable for acid-tolerant crops such as roses, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, aloes or azaleas.

Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer for Plants

Take Care your Hair

Hair care is another uses for used Coffee grounds that make it sleek. Rub the coffee grounds on wet hair and massage for a few minutes, then rinse your hair with water.

Treat Dark Circle Eyes

If you have dark circles under your eyes and do not want to spend much money on cosmetics, coffee grounds are your ideal choice. Because coffee grounds contain large amounts of caffeine – a very potent substance in promoting blood circulation and anti-inflammatory. Use regularly and see the effect.

Coffee Grounds To Treat Dark Circle Eyes

Help your Skin Whiter 

Besides the exfoliating effect, coffee grounds can nourish the skin healthy, stimulate new cell production and improve pigmentation effectively that make your skin whiter.

Coffee Grounds Help your Skin Whiter

Deodorize your Shoes

After a day, your shoes and feet smell bad and you do not confidently wear them on the next day. Put some coffee grounds into your shoes to remove the smell. If you want to get rid of foot odor, wash your feet with the mixture of water and coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are also used to deodorize the armpit odor.

Direction for Pet Toilet

You love your pets but do not know how to get them to go to the toilet in a fixed place. Take a mixture of coffee grounds and orange peel off the garden. The aroma of the mixture is too exotic that can attract them.

Used as Natural Detergents

Coffee grounds can be used as detergents for kitchen utensils and wash basins. They can remove grease, clean the equipment and deodorize. Coffee grounds contain activated charcoal analogues which can absorb a lot of dirt, help you remove stubborn stains on the tableware and kitchenware. Mixing coffee grounds in hand soap can help sterilize and treat the pollution better.

Natural Pesticides

You can sprinkle some coffee grounds in pots or garden to reduce the insect attack. If you have pets such as dogs and cats which have fleas or lice on their bodies, brush their hair with coffee grounds and comb several times. It not only helps remove bugs and kill fleas in your home but also gives the pet a pleasant aroma.

Coffee Grounds Are Natural Pesticides

Natural Dyes 

If dark household items in your home are scratched, you can use a small amount of coffee grounds on the scratched area, wait for them to dry and use a wet towel to wipe. After doing this, the scratches will fade away.

Why don’t you take advantage of those household uses for used coffee grounds and see its amazing outcome. Try it and tell us if you find it useful!

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