Coffee for skin care

6 Proven Ways To How Your Coffee Can Benefit Your Skin

Coffee is one of the most popular and favorite beverages of millions of people all over the world. Coffee is an eye opener for those people who want to be refreshed throughout the day because of its aroma and unique taste. But most of them are not aware of the benefits which can be gained from coffee.

Researchers state that caffeine contains fruit acids, magnesium, organic acids, minerals, alkaloids, iron and fats which are good for your skin. Coffee also consists various kinds of elements which can make your skin healthier as it contains linoleum acid which helps to prevent wrinkles. Read on to know more skincare benefits from drinking coffee.


Tightens Facial Skin



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If you want to keep your face skin firm, soak cotton in steeping coffee and wipe your face with it.

You can also brew coffee in the best coffee makers and soak cotton in it. To achieve better results, apply it evenly on your skin every morning.

Acts As An Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Coffee acts as a mask which can decrease or even vanish wrinkles from your face. All you need for this mask is to mix wheat flour and coffee (1 tablespoon) until it becomes liquid. Then blend an egg yolk with coffee and combine them to the wheat flour dough. Keep stirring it until the combination becomes thick and smooth. For visible results, apply this mask twice a week.

Reduce Under-Eye Circles

Dark circles under your eye may occur due to lack of sleep, allergy, dehydration, genetics etc. Caffeine cannot heal hereditary dark eye circles, but its anti-inflammatory properties decrease puffiness and inflammation which are


linked with dark circles. Coffee also reduces the accumulation of blood under your eyes which can lead to darker shadows. A recent study by the Cornell University states that coffee is also good for eyesight.

It especially helps aged people who are experiencing eyesight problem. Raw coffee consists of only 1% caffeine and has 7 – 9% chlorogenic acid which is an element with potent anti-oxidant which can lower retinal worsening.

But one thing to note, the research was conducted on mice. The Hamilton Beach Single Serve and 12-Cup Coffee Maker is one of the top coffee machines of 2016, so you should consider looking at it. But don’t put too much sugar in it for the sake of your health.

Fights Opposite Free Radicals 


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Free radicals lead to a premature aging of the skin which leads to the appearance of wrinkles, sunspots, loss of firmness etc. The caffeine in coffee attack free radicals and remove them. It will result in the healthier skin than before.

Decreases Risk of Skin Cancer

 A recent research of the Rutgers University reveals that coffee is a good protection against skin cancer. 1 – 3 cups of coffee consumption per day can protect your body from Ultra Violet rays. To get maximum safety, you can use it with SPF every time you step out of the house.

Face Skin

Coffee beans are well known as a great element for skin care. Another benefit of it is that your skin potentially becomes refreshed, especially facial skin.

These are only some of the main benefits of your skin from consuming coffee. After reading these brief advantages of coffee you will love the presence of coffee in your life. It will not only be used to awaken you every day but also to take good care of your skin even more.

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