7 Tips For Making Barista-Quality Coffee At Home

Coffee has become popular, and it’s now the drink of choice for most households. There are millions of people who can’t think of a morning without a cup of coffee.That’s why coffee fans strive to improve their brewing skills each day. Producing barista-quality coffee is the dream of every coffee fan.

What is barista-quality coffee?

This is the finest quality coffee that is served at your favorite coffeehouse. The coffee is as a result of careful, and gentle brewing using the right ingredients, equipment, and

Whether in the office, home, café or even brewing from your vehicle, you will appreciate the thrilling, enjoyable and lovely experience that comes from drinking a perfect cup of coffee.

Do you know there are rules of brewing barista-quality coffee? You should master the simple techniques that will offer you quality coffee. These are the tips that will offer your barista-quality coffee.

1. Buy Whole Beans


Coffee is packaged as whole beans or ground coffee. After roasting, the coffee beans can be sold directly as whole beans or ground. You should consider purchasing whole beans that have recently roasted. These beans are fresh and lack stale taste.

Some ground coffee tends to lose flavors and aromas when it overstays in grocery counter. Keep in mind that ground coffee is first stored before transportation to middle sellers who distribute it to retail sellers. The coffee will likely depreciate in quality before it arrives at your nearest grocery. So buying whole beans is the first rule to getting barista quality coffee.

2. Grind your Beans perfectly just before brewing


You will get fresh coffee if you grind the beans immediately before brewing. Ensure to use the right equipment for grinding. Some automatic coffee makers come with grinding functionality.

When using such a coffee machine, you will put beans into the machine. It will grind the beans and then proceed to brew. Alternatively, you can use a grinder such as an espresso grinder to grind your beans.

The grind size also matters if you want to brew quality coffee. You can consider using a grinder that allows you to adjust the size of the grinder.

3. Use the right Coffee to Water ratio

The coffee to water ratio determines the strength and taste of your drink. Make sure to use the right amount of coffee to get a perfect cup of coffee.

In every brewing session, first, measure the amount of coffee. For example, measure 2 tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of water. Adding more coffee in your coffee will not increase the strength.

Instead, your coffee will have a bitter taste. If you add less ground coffee to the water, you will still achieve undesirable taste.

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4. Concentrate on the Brewing Technique

The most popular brewing methods include French press, automatic coffee maker, percolator, pour over, and Chemex.

Choose a brewing method that you understand. You should also master the simple basics like French press requires coarse coffee and espresso needs a fine ground.

The coffee maker is also a vital factor in the brewing process. A good brewing machine should be easy to use and deliver fast brewing since a slow brewing process might lead to losing of coffee flavor and aroma.

5. Consider the Temperature

The brewing temperature is another rule of getting barista-quality coffee. In this instance, you will be thinking of a very high, moderate and low temperature.

A relatively high temperature is the best for brewing quality coffee. The temperature should extract the important oils and flavor of the coffee. A very high temperature will overheat the coffee and might result in bitter coffee. Or lead to favorable coffee that is less tasty.

Automatic coffee machines have temperature control features. However, in some methods such as Chemex and pour over methods, you can control water temperature using a thermometer.

6. Store the Coffee well in case your grind extra

Coffee experts are always against storing ground coffee for long. But you will occasionally want to store ground coffee in case of extra grinding.

You can still get quality coffee if you store the coffee ground well. You should store the coffee away from moisture, air, and light.

These factors tend to oxidize your coffee leading to flavor loss. The best way to store the coffee is to seal it in an airtight container or plastic bag. Once you open the bag or container, you should not seal it again.

7. Clean the Brewing tools

The last rule to making barista quality coffee is cleaning the brewing tools. This is essentially the coffee machine or pot if you use a French press or traditional brewing methods.

Cleaning the tools often eliminates flavors and excess coffee ground that gets stuck in the system. This way, you will get better tasting coffee each time.

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