Top 6 Beauty Hacks Using Coffe for Skin Care

6 Beauty Hacks Using Coffee Ground for Skin Care

You already know about the power of coffee in daily life. A few sips of coffee can benefit you in a number of ways. Caffeine can help you fight depression, reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease, helps your liver, lowers lever of skin cancer, lessens risk of Type 2 diabetes, keeps your brain healthier etc.

But did you know that coffee can be used for beauty care too. It can help you to brighten your skin, reduce dandruff and many more. Let us now know the ways in which you can use coffee in your beauty routine.

#1   Coffee Facial Masks:

Coffee Facial Mask

Coffee has a wide range of benefits and antioxidants which make it a perfect element for a face mask. You can use the mask to reduce puffiness around your eye.

This will provide you anti-ageing benefits and tighten your skin too. You can also use coffee as a sunblock too! Once your facial mask is done, you can also use the grounds to exfoliate your face skin.

If you don’t want to use only coffee, you can also add extra goodness to it such as cacao powder. The combination of these is a great source of antioxidants which will help to repair any type of skin damage.

You can try adding some oils too, like as olive, coconut, eucalyptus etc. These will provide moisturizing, soothing benefits to your skin.

#2   Coffee Hair Treatments:

Coffee Hair Treatment

Do you know that caffeine is actually a stimulant for your hair follicles? So you can use it as a natural hair growth treatment.

It also provides you shiny hair. Nowadays coffee is used in shampoos. Now you may have known why it is used! Read more about coffee hair treatment.

You can make your own coffee shampoo too! All you need to do is: take your normal shampoo bottle and just add 1-4 tablespoons of ground caffeine. Now apply this to your hair and see what the result is!

#3   Coffee Soaps:

Coffee soap

We usually don’t know how much chemical is present in our soaps and body washes. So it is safe to choose natural and organic. Coffee soap provides you all the advantages of caffeine. You can use this as a body soap too without any hesitation.

It is completely safe and is really good for rest of your body too. Caffeine is usually used to treat cellulite, tighten your blood vessels and therefore it benefits your skin too!

Coffee soap is also very good for those who have awful smells in their hands. Such as, after preparing smelly dishes, you will not want to transfer them on your dinner plate! Caffeine soaps also add a little color to your cheeks and exfoliate them too.

They can also be used to scrub dead skin which results in increased younger cells. So you see, coffee soaps work like magic on your face.

#4   Coffee Foot Scrub:

Coffee Foot Scrub - Coffee Spa

As you read above, coffee is so good for your skin, hair and body, but it also benefits your feet. Caffeine has a wide range of antioxidants which aids to revitalize and repair damaged skin cells.

Most of us experience rough dead skin on our feet at the end of the day. Coffee will help you to get rid of this.

You can also add coconut oil to coffee grounds, which will result in an excellent foot scrub. This will provide you soft and supple feet skin.


#5   Instant Relief From Dandruff:

Dandruff in hair

Dandruff is one of the most disgusting things but most of us experience.

But when you have coffee grounds around you, you don’t need to worry much about it.

Scrubbing your scalp with coffee will help to cure dandruff and even lead to new hair growth!

But it may be a little difficult for you to wash the grounds from your hair. But a little hard work will result in a healthier, cleaner scalp and healthy hair growth. Read more about health benefits.

#6   Coffee Ice Treatment:

Coffee Eye and bone treatment

Caffeine is well known for improving blood circulation. So if you are experiencing dull skin, coffee is the best solution for you.

You can apply it in a number of ways but nothing will work like java ice cubes. You can prepare the ice cubes very easily. Just add some coffee in water and pour in the ice tray.

When they are frozen, apply the cubes on your cheekbones and under eye zones. This will help the blood to flow correctly to your cheeks.

These are some easy ways in which you can use coffee in your beauty routine. You don’t need to experiment these all in a day. Apply any one of these in a day and you will be able to see a lot of changes in your skin.

Now go add coffee in your beauty routine and enjoy healthier, beautiful skin and body than before!

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