Best Bunn Coffee Maker

Have you been hustling around every morning for the best coffee before you get to work? I know how tricky it is to chase the accuracy in timing especially when you have duties to attend to that early morning. Here is the best solution for you. Here you’ll find a Bunn coffee maker reviews, which is of Bunn BT Velocity Brew  10 cup home brewer.

It is also a solution to those, who have trouble with making high-quality coffee. Today I am here to let you know that it only takes the touch of a button to make yourself the best coffee ever.

Our Quick Overview of the Best BUNN Coffee Makers


we are deeply discus here 4 best bunn coffee maker in 2020

1. Bonavita BV1900TS – Best of the Best

The Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer is compact, making it intricately easy to clean due to fewer parts. It’s the perfect machine for making superbly flavorful drip coffee at home or small-sized office.Though its appearance is hardly eye-catching, it is easy to use and makes more coffee pots than popular machines like the Bunn Velocity Brew BT.

Bonavita Bv1900Ts 8-Cup Carafe

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  • The Design

Rather than have a classy modernist design, Bonavita BV1900TS Coffee Brewer strikes a modest look with the only prominent materials being stainless steel, glass and black lid and handles. The coffee maker has no striking LED lights, LCD panels or blinking buttons that add vibrancy to a coffee brewer.

This coffee brewer is perfectly discreet and easy to operate though; it only has one, on and off, button. The coffee then brews to perfection without any further input being required from you. The general outlook is aesthetically attractive, matching up with most modern kitchen appliances with its black plastic accents and stainless steel back.

  • Ease of use

After filling the reservoir with water, one is required to place coffee grounds in the U-shaped filter basket. The shape allows the coffee grounds to saturate, spouting a full and robust flavor. The Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer features pre-infusion, a mode which makes it possible for the coffee grounds to bloom, reaching full flavor potential; to pre-infuse, simply hold down the on/off button for five seconds.

  • Brew time

In only six minutes, this coffee brewer makes a hot pot of coffee, rich in flavor. 45 ounce, equating to eight cups, are brewed to perfection. The temperatures are ideally high at 200 degree Fahrenheit. The thermal carafe will keep your coffee hot for four hours.

  • It durability

The coffee pot itself is entirely made of stainless steel and black plastic accent. This makes it pretty rugged and able to do with short falls off a counter top. The water tank, however, is delicate and can easily break when dropped. It still remains as one of the most compact coffee brewers.

  • Its appearance

Its shiny stainless steel and black accents make it an attractive kitchen appliance which will look spectacular among your other appliances, most of which have prominent stainless steel bodies. The water tank is marked, enabling the user pour in the exact amount of water needed. Its lid covers both the water tank and shower head, completing a picturesque, neat package.


  • The Bonavita BT1900TS Coffee Brewer operates at an ideal brewing temperatures of between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, extracting the best possible flavor each time.
  • The coffee brewer has been rigorously tested and certified by Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).


With no programming, you are left with few options to work with other than press the on/off button. When pre-infusing, you have to stick around as you press down the only button for five seconds, up until it starts blinking. The regular brew cycle is entirely self-driven though.

As a budget coffee machineBonavita Bv1900TS Carafe Coffee Brewer is an essential kitchen appliance which takes away all the hassle and simply concentrates on brewing the perfect pot of hot coffee for you. 

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2. BUNN BT Velocity Brew -The Runner Up


Bunn Velocity BT Brew Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer is a charming coffee maker that seems too simple but is a powerful one. Some coffee drinkers will quickly reject this product because of its price that is a bit expensive compared to others. But the price will be worth when its capability show. It can brew up to 10 cups in 3 minutes, and that is a lot. That is very useful for when it is placed in an office or when you live in with a lot of coffee drinkers in your home. 

Bunn Bt Velocity Brew 10 Cup

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  • Coffee maker design 

The Design of the Bunn Velocity Brew BT is quite simple, even too simple that it almost looks like a weak coffee maker. It is large in size since its dimension is specifically 16.4 x 9.4 x 14.6 inches. The body itself weighs 9.2 pounds, and is meant to be not so portable for it to be stationed in one place most of the time.

  • Easy to Use 

Despite some feedbacks that the Bunn Velocity Brew BT is different from other coffee machines in terms of control, it is still very easy to understand and causes no misunderstanding on how its control works.

Unlike other coffee machines that requires idle time and breaks between brews, this is always ready to brew whenever the user sets it up to work.

Its water tank can accommodate 50 ounces at a time that makes 10 coffee cups. This means that it can serve a lot more than the average; so having it brew coffee by making it work will take lesser times than the usual machines.

  • Brew time 

Brewing a 50-ounce carafe will only take 3 minutes, and that is possibly the fastest and most capable machine to date.

  • Durability 

Because of its material design, a mixture of plastic and steel, it can withstand unexpected bumps and pressure that it may experience when being used or even when it’s not. And with its heavy form, it can not be easily pushed or pulled without large force.

  • Appearance 

It seems to be very oblong-shaped, and a bit bulky. Bunn Velocity Brew BT is made up of stainless steel and ABS plastic making it look aesthetically like play-kitchen material. Since it is made mostly of plastic, the parts made up of silver stainless steel makes it look expensive.


  • It serves more than double the number of coffee and faster than most coffee makers there is in the market. 
  • Thermal carafe keeps temperature and taste of coffee for 2 to 4 hours.
  • It has a 50 ounce capacity reservoir that can be used for up to 10 cups.
  • The machine is easy to use as you just close the lid so as to start a brew.


  • Needs regular cleaning so as to avoid water overflow.
  • Sprinkler can come off very easily. As such, you should be careful not to throw the sprinkler out with used grounds.
  • Since it is quite bulky and heavy, it is obviously not portable. 
  • Its price may be a little expensive compared to others, and considering it’s average-looking appearance and simple control. 

Bunn BT Velocity Brew is considered one of the best drip coffee maker of 2019 because it gives back your money’s worth and that it can actually serve more people than is expected from a usual coffee maker machine. From the entire customer reviews and its descriptive capabilities, it is safe to say that the Bunn Velocity Brew BT is a good investment for workplace and at home. 

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3. BUNN BX-D Velocity Brew – brewing at high altitude


The BUNN BX-D Velocity Brew 10-Cup is a more recent model that accentuates their great skill and talent in the making of coffee brewers. Although not as aesthetically appealing as some people would want it to be, the Bunn BX-D is highly respected in the quality of coffee it produces. It specifically suited for high altitude areas and its performance is unmatched.

Bunn Bx-D Velocity Brew 10-Cup

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  • Construction and Design

The Bunn BX-D is a solid coffee maker that comes with a stainless steel water reservoir and other plastic components. It is a brand built for durability. In fact, Bunn coffee makers are known to last for over 10 years without compromising on their performance. Unlike some older Bunn coffee maker models that had the stainless steel hot water tank touching the water reservoir, the Bunn BX-D Velocity Brew 10-Cup, separates the two. The reservoir also comes with a valve. The net effect is that there are no leakages and only water at the right temperature gets to the coffee grounds. 

  • Usability

Even though its functions are pretty basic, this is not your ordinary coffee maker. It is made to deliver high-quality coffee even in high altitude areas. Most people living in areas above 4000 feet know the difficulty of getting a decent cup of coffee. This is simply because, at high altitude, water boils faster and does not get hot enough to extract strong coffee. The Bunn BX-D is specifically made for these conditions. It is also easy to use having just an on and off button. Once you plug it in, you just need to sit and enjoy the coffee.

  • Performance

Perhaps the greatest selling point of this coffee brewer is the quality of coffee it produces. Even the most critical of buyers agree that it makes great coffee. This is because of the way this machine operates. Unlike other coffee makers that utilize super hot water, Bunn BX-D utilizes stored hot water at just the right temperature which is sprayed over the coffee grounds. This prevents burning of coffee by super heated water and ensures that all the flavor is extracted resulting in delicious coffee.It has a stainless steel hot water tank that keeps the water hot as long as the machine is switched on. In just 3 minutes, this coffee brewer can make up to 10 cups of steaming flavorful coffee. Some more expensive models take at least 6 minutes to brew.

  • Technical specifications

This coffee brewer measures 13.8 x 7.1 x 14.3 inches. It does not take much space on a table top and storing it will not be a pain. It comes with an insulated thermal carafe and an optional slow spray head for even stronger coffee.

  • It is one of the few home high altitude coffee makers.
  • It employs classic technology to produce high quality and flavorful coffee.
  • It has a thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for over 2 hours.
  • It has a 3-year warranty.
  • You can use slower spray heads to get very strong coffee.
  • It requires being preheated for about 15 minutes before it can brew coffee.
  • It does not have programmable settings.
  • You can only use Bunn coffee filters as the regular ones do not fit well.

The Bunn BX-D Velocity Brew 10-Cup lives up to the legacy of the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation. It is a simple yet highly effective coffee brewer that will stick around with you for a long time. It is a recommended buy for coffee lovers not looking for a luxury product but just great coffee.


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4. Bunn NHS velocity brew 10-cup home coffee brewer

The high quality materials used in its design ensures classically brewed coffee rich in flavor. Your coffee remains hot and simmering, with the brewer’s vacation switch turning off the heat when it’s not in use. The decanter operates at 50-oz, explaining its quick-brewing ability.

Bunn Nhs Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

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  • Coffee maker design

This sturdy coffee maker features a glass carafe, protecting it from damage if it falls off a table. It rotates through 360 degrees, making it utterly convenient to handle and use. The internal hot-water tank is made of stainless steel with the spray head sprinkling water evenly on coffee grounds to extract rich flavor. 

Once you’re done taking your coffee, flicking the warmer switch turns the warmer plate off. When not brewing coffee for a couple of days, it’s advisable to turn off the vacation switch located at the bottom. 

  • How to use it

Being fully automatic, you don’t have to do much to brew coffee with the BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10-Cup; all you’re required to do is add a filter which has coffee grounds in the filter basket and water to the reservoir. Close the lid and wait for it to brew. 

  • Its durability

The BUNN NHS velocity Brew 10-Cup machine is made of premium grade material, rendering it durable for years. Each of its components lasts for at least four years. All this is backed up with a three year warranty, a time within which conventional coffee machines break down.

  • Brewing time

It is a one of a kind coffee brewer that should ideally be plugged in at all times. I makes it possible to keep the water as well as warmer plate hot at all times. Due to this, the brewer makes a 6. 10 cups of tasty, flavored coffee in under three minutes. The only time it should be unplugged is when you’re out on vacation.

  • Its appearance

As per many customer reviews across leading online markets, the appearance is not all rosy; that is not to mean that it is ugly. When put together with black, the stainless steel stands out.


  • Coffee from this machine is great tasting at the least. It is able to brew 10 cups in under three minutes, making it ideal for small offices. 
  • Apart from being intricately easy to use, the brewer has a thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot throughout.


The carafe is leaky, though there are a few ways to deal with that permanently. The brewer typically shouldn’t brew any less than three cups at a time, making its use in small homes somewhat wasteful; a heavy coffee drinker would like it though! Your coffee will only brew once the li is closed and not when it has been switched on. It might leave behind a big messy footprint; cleaning every once in a while is an easy fix to this.

If you’re worried about the losing the flavor of coffee for having the heat always on, you need not be. This automate best drip coffee maker heats water during the 4-minute brew cycles and drips it onto the grounds evenly and slowly; this has been known to improve the coffee’s taste significantly. Have your coffee always hot, you simply can’t have enough of it


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