7 Best French Press Coffee Maker Reviews in 2018

The French press (also known as coffee press or plunger) is highly regarded by many coffeephile. Even any expert judge will surely agree that the French Press makes the best, in a matter of taste. Other popular brewing methods like Drip coffee, Turkish coffee, Espresso, Vacuum brewing, Chemex or Pour overs apply filters that are made of fabrics or papers, which hold many organic compounds (mainly oils and aroma) associated with coffee. On the other hand, a French press would press a metal rod into a pot of boiling water that ensures most of the fine particles to pass through it. Resulted in the intensely flavored coffee and simply beats the taste of other brewing methods.

In 1929, An Italian designer named Attilio Calimani patented the coffee press for the very first time. Later on, the machine marketed and popularized by Household Articles Ltd., and in particular, The Bodum of Denmark. Since then, this unique cafeteria has recognized as one of the easiest brewing equipment that you never need to worry about how to use your French press coffee maker. Also, the machines are so budget friendly compared to other best drip coffee makers in the market, mainly because of it unsophisticated way of the brewing process.

However, the French presses have improved a lot after its invention. These machines are still a hot favorite of many people for their amazing features and convenience. As there are thousands of coffee maker available in the market, how do you find some top-rated French press to choose from? We, at CoffeeMakerGuy, had done it for you. After considerable research, we come up with the listing below. Don’t worry! Users, experts, and critics all we take into considerations while building the best French press coffee maker reviews for you to rely on.

This amazing coffee press will offer you the best flavor and taste of the coffee. It will provide you a mug of great tasting and flavored coffee. This one has a sizzling outer design and is made of thick glass for the heat resistance. The outer side of this press is pretty impressive and elegant too. The easy to hold handler makes this product almost impossible to drop out. A removable stainless steel is filter is available with it. That’s why it becomes really easy to clean up the machine after making coffee. The rubber plunger is also easy to press. Not only this, it can brew tea too! Isn’t it impressive? You can enjoy almost every flavor of coffee and tea by this press. You will also get a recipe book with this. By this book, you can explore different types of coffee according to your choice. In a word, this is a delight for most coffee lovers.


Key Features:


Easy to Maintain

As this French press features a removable stainless steel filter, you can clean it without any fuss. You can easily take the filter out and place it again in its place after drying. Moreover, you don’t have to waste your money to clean this product. You can use the ordinary cleaners, which you use to wash the utensils. So, is there any fuss cleaning it up? Obviously not, right?

Extra Protection

This model of the French press is well known for its elegance and magnificence. It features a plastic covering on the thick borosilicate glass. This cover not only makes the press look good but also prevents cracks, scratches, and chips on the machine too. There is also an insulated plastic shell, which makes this amazing coffee press really comfortable. Therefore, you can hold it very easily even when there is steaming hot liquid inside it. Amazing, isn’t it?

Ease of Storage

Size is one of the most important factors you look out for while buying a coffeemaker. This product is built up in such a style that it is really easy to store. The overall height, weight, and length are 5.2 x 5.5 x 9.3. This machine is so compact that you can easily store it in any corner of your kitchen.


You always look out for a coffee machine which is extremely portable, right? Actually, it is a huge benefit of this Kona French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker. This amazing press is very light, i.e. it weighs extremely low. So you can move it anywhere you wish without any effort. And as this machine is so elegant, you must be very proud when you show it off outdoors!!


One Minor Issue with Filters

Though this amazing press has a great filter scale, sometimes it may not work. The best coffee always has the finest grounds. They may not always be effective in this press because the fine granules of the coffee come down to the brewed coffee escaping from the filter.


The Bodum Chambord Coffee Press features the original design of the Bodum French Press. The lid and frame are prepared from stainless steel and the glass is heat resistant. This means that the coffee inside will stay warm for longer hours. This amazing coffee press is extremely easy to clean too. But you should always make sure that this machine is clean. Regular clean-up will help to get rid of the coffee oils on the glass surface. This will also prevent low tasted coffee in the next brew. It will provide you the best tasting coffee ever. So it is considered to be one of the best coffee presses from Bodum.


Key Features:


Large Reservoir

This French press has a really large reservoir which can hold up to 34 ounces water. It is big enough to prepare coffee for four people at a time. So, you see? Now you don’t have to wait long times for preparing multiple cups of coffee.

Three-Part Mesh Filter

This amazing coffee maker features 3 part mesh filters which is made of stainless steel. So it is really durable and capable of providing you all of the possible flavors. In case of most French presses, acids, oils, flavors are not always extracted and even the coffee grounds come in the brew. But if you own this one, you will never face such experiences.

Glass Built

This machine is made of Borosilicate glass, which is very durable and can prevent scratch marks too. The glass also makes the device look elegant, so it is a visual delight too when you are serving coffee!


This French press is extremely light and compact, so you can carry it anywhere, anytime without any fuss. So you can place it very easily in your backpack while traveling or go for any adventure. So, you can enjoy a mug of fresh coffee where ever you are. Amazing, right?


Glass Body

The glass built body is the advantage as well as the disadvantage too of this coffee machine! Though the structure makes it look elegant, it is quite less durable than the stainless steel French presses. It may last lower than the other steel presses in the market, which are very durable.


Are you looking for a coffeemaker with great quality and elegance at the same time? Then you may go for Secura stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker. This amazing machine has been built with three-layered stainless steel. That’s why it will last longer than any other coffeemaker in the market. Therefore, you can opt to buy a stainless coffeemaker anytime of the year. As this is made of layered steel, it will guarantee that it will look the same even after a lot of years. So if you are a person who prefers quality above anything else, this one is for you. Wanna know the details of this press? Head on…..


Key Features:


High Quality Plunger

Most French presses offer low quality plungers, so they don’t last very long. In case of most of the machines, after using for years, the plunger becomes wear and tear. Thus, the coffee brew results in almost no flavor. But this one features a really high quality plunger to make it reliable to the users.


This French press is one of the hot-selling devices over the recent times. You know why? It’s because of the brand name. Secura is the most popular and reliable brand for the French presses in the coffee market. So this extremely reliable brand cannot provide you low-quality goods, right? Always remember to shop for a trusted brand while shopping coffeemakers and presses.

Easy Cleaning and Pouring

The cleaning process of this product is extremely easy. As it does not have multiple parts, you can clean it really very easy.  The removable parts are only the storage carafe and the stainless steel plunger. You can clean them using usual dishwashing liquid which is used to wash utensils. This amazing machine has a cool touch knob and handle. It enables you to pour the coffee easily without any effort. This is also safe and there is almost no chance of burning. Amazing, right?


This coffee press is extremely lightweight and that makes this machine very adorable. Its compact design and portability make it easier to transfer from one place to another, anytime. This amazing machine is also built in such a way that you don’t have to worry about its size too. You can easily place it at any corner of your kitchen or store.

Durability and Elegance

This coffee press is built with three-layered steel, which makes it really long lasting. This model from Secura is probably the most durable among all of the coffee presses available in the market. This one also has an elegant design of steel. The body itself looks royal and magnificent. There are also handles and crowns and these are the finest details of this press. These features not only add the beauty on this French Press but also make it unique among other coffee makers.


Heating Problems

Even the perfect products have some disadvantages too, right? The one and only drawback of this machine is: it features three-layered stainless carafe, it should be able to keep your coffee warm, right? But many users have complained that this press cannot keep coffee warm for long hours. It can keep hot for maximum one hour.


Are you looking for a French press, which will provide you the best-flavored coffee and serve multiple people at the same time? Then the Procizion 20 oz French press will be the ideal product for you. This machine features a large carafe, which makes this device really wonderful. Not only this, this budget product has come with lots of features that can fulfill all of your demands you may need from a French press.

Procizion_French_Pres_ Coffee_&_Espresso_Machine


Key Features:


Triple Filter Plunger

This coffee press features a triple filter which makes sure that coffee grounds do not transfer to you steaming cup of coffee. In case of most of the French presses, the main problem is that the finest grounds are not compatible. The Procizion 20 oz is the first ever machine in the market which has come with the benefit of layered filters. Isn’t this amazing?

Large Reservoir

This amazing coffee press has one of the largest carafes among the French presses available in the market. It features a 20 oz reservoir that is pretty impressive. You can brew coffee amounting to two large mugs. So now you don’t have to worry about all the parties and hosting.


Bonus Offers

This model of French press offers a bonus in the form of extra three-layered filter plunger. That means you are getting six filters at the price of one carafe. Isn’t this best deal is worth of money?


Tough to Clean

Though this coffee machine brews better coffee than any other french presses in the market, it is a bit harder to clean up. You have to use a spoon or that type of spatula which maybe a little annoying for you. But the great tasting and flavored brew will let you forget all the fuss.


This amazing French press from Kuissential is designed of double stainless steel, which is even twice than a glass carafe. It is also built in such a way that it can retain the temperature of the brewed coffee. The filter and plunger is also made of stainless steel. The inner side of the press has a brushed finish and the outer part has a mirror finish. You can brew eight cups of coffee at a go and enjoy mugs of intense and great aroma. It is overall a durable coffee press for your kitchen. It also features a bold design, which makes it really easy to place and carry anywhere. The cleaning and maintenance process is also extremely easy and fuss-free. So let us go deep into the features of this amazing Kuissential 8-cup Stainless Steel French press…..



Key Features:


Double Walls

This French press is equipped with double walls, which helps to keep your brewed coffee warm for long hours. The double walls also help you to hold the pressure very easily even when it contains hot coffee.

Built of Stainless Steel

Do you know that French presses made of steel are historically well known to be durable? Even if you scratch this maker, it will serve you continuously. They can even last for decades! If you drop the device accidentally, still it will continue to provide you freshly brewed coffee with great taste and aroma.

Mirror Finish

The mirrored finish of the Kuissential 8-cup Stainless Steel French Press makes it really magnificent and elegant. It looks quite attractive and you must know, the stainless steel never goes out of style. Therefore, it can be guaranteed that this maker will look as good as a new one even after many years of use.


Hard to Separate the Filter and Plunger

Sometimes the filter and plunger may be hard to separate.


This amazing coffee press is made from stainless steel and features a sleek design and a polished finish too. It has all the features that make it a perfect one for your kitchen. As it is made of steel, the coffee inside can be kept warm for a long time. You can brew 8 cups of tea/coffee at a go that decreases the fuss. It also features a mesh filter, which makes your coffee full of rich flavor and aroma. It also has an amazing handle that makes it easier for you to grip it and decreases the chance of dropping it. Another amazing thing is you can use normal dishwashing liquid, which you use to wash your utensils. Let us know some other pros and cons of this amazing thermal press pot.


Key Features:


8-Cups of Coffee at a Go

You can prepare 8 cups of coffee at a time, which will reduce the fuss at parties or other gatherings. You will get more time to spend with your friends and family. So you can use it at all times, parties/gatherings or at a lazy afternoon.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of this coffeemaker is extremely easy. You can use any usual dishwashing liquid to clean it up. So you don’t have to search for special cleaning liquids. It is also light enough to carry from one place to another. So it can be a good friend at your adventures.

High-Quality Plunger

This coffee press has a stainless steel plunger that makes it really adorable. As the plungers are always responsible for the quality of your brew, this maker will surely provide you a great cup of coffee. In case of most French presses, there are cheap quality plungers, but this one is fully different.

Press Screen

The press screen is the most important part of a French press as it makes the brewing possible. If there is a bigger netting of the screen, it will not be able to extract all the flavors of the coffee in the brew. Nevertheless, it also features a large mesh filter which allows coffee grounds from going to the brew. Though it is not a problem for this amazing maker as it features a fine net that prevents coffee granules to go the coffee.



You can hardly find many disadvantages of this machine. The one and only disadvantage is: the design of the press. It may not look very elegant. But it features so many pros that this small drawback won’t be a problem, right?

This simple and gorgeous coffee press has chrome housing, Borosilicate beaker and a secondary filter in the lid. You can easily brew one liter of fresh coffee in this machine. The resulting brew tastes great and rich too. It also features a removable mesh filter that makes the clean-up tasks easier. The carafe and glass beaker can also be removed anytime you want. As it is compact and lightweight, you can easily place it any corner of your pantry or kitchen. In one word, this is a great value for your money. Want to know more features about this machine? Read on to know more about


Key Features:


Amazing Design

This amazing coffee press has a chrome housing design that provides a stylish look. The beaker is also made from German Borosilicate glass. It also has a nice handle that helps you to grip it properly so that you don’t drop it accidentally.

Double Filter

This Madrid French press coffeemaker features dual filters. The first is the normal one and the second sits on the lid which helps to prevent coffee granules to go to the brew. While making coffee/tea, you can close the lid by twisting and open it again once brewing is done.

Easy Clean-Up

This amazing press can be easily cleaned by any dishwashing liquid. So you don’t have the fuss of searching for special cleaning liquids. This reduces problems as well as saves your precious time too.


This maker is designed to last for a very long time. It is manufactured of top quality materials and has a solid design which makes it really durable than any other French presses in the market. As the beaker is made of glass, it always avoids contact with the surface.


Heat Retention

As the French press is made of borosilicate, so also compromises upon its heat retention ability. That’s why you won’t get a hot cup of coffee after a certain period of time.

Final Thoughts:

These are the top French press available in the market right now. After reading all of these, now it’s up to you that which one you are going to catch. You may choose the perfect one for you, you may also like to see what others are telling about the Best French Press Coffee Maker and compare for putting one final thought depending on your requirements. All these machines are amazingly built, has great features, a feature that looks royal, they are durable and are able to produce superior quality coffee in a cost-effective manner.