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As you know, coffee is always cheering drink and it becomes more special when in America. But the ugly truth is lots of coffee makers are of very poor quality; so consumers often face health disorder by using those machines. Here we are to protect you from unhygienic coffee as best drip coffee maker is on the store.

Bonavita BV 1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker is German-engineered coffee maker with a glass carafe which brews coffee with a view to making ideal coffee standards of certain water temperature. The design is simple and marvelous with small footprint availability.

The stunning style and greater exclusivity of the machine hypnotize consumers to get touched over it. In fact we are glad to throw the message

This coffee maker gained the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s coveted Certified Brewer Equipment Award”.

The product is so nimble to make coffee with 5 minutes with 8 cups of when others maker doesn’t. 1400W Heater raises water at the moderate level in case of assuring ideal temperature.

A complete separate keeps warm heater and together let the brew hot during 2-hour safety auto shut off and simultaneously ensures to have a mind-blowing beverage.

Bonavita Bv 1800

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Bonavita BV 1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker is fully UL-certified in order to safety dependence and offers 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Credential Ingredients

The Bonavita BV 1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker a German-engineered coffee maker and the product is featured with glass carafe which brews coffee with a view to ideal coffee standards applying on water temperature. As we noticed earlier, this one is a separate keep-warm heater that helps keeping the brew hot and at the same time with a 2-hour auto shut off and show perfect appearance to clean the product.

This one is made of stainless still and no possibly of scratching when sweeps. Moreover advance technology retains genuine heat and brewed form.

Authentically Certified Coffee Maker

The exclusive rare coffee maker which has been certified just because of its quality and supremacy by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), yes we mean that the Exceptional Brew is adorned with unique materials and they are fused to best drip coffee maker. Consumers all the around world have the same object when marking about its quality.

Made of Germen Technology

The German-engineered brewing system is featured perfectly which does have the exclusive 1400-watt heater and it raises water with a view to an ideal brewing temperature (205 degrees) in no time and completely. This coffee maker is engineered just because of précising water and coffee grounds contact time together with a shower head designed alignments.

Key Features of Bonavita BV 1800

    • A 1400W thermal block heater maintains proper water temperature which ultimately releases pressure if requires
    • The keep-warm heater remains the brew hot with two-hour safety auto shut-off technology that leads to hold the natural flavor of coffee.
    • Authentically certified coffee maker which has been rewarded and honored with the special certificate of (SCAA)
    • The Brew of the machine provides exclusive performance where have brewing 8 cups in just 5 minutes and holds an exact coffee brewing temperature within 200-205 degrees F
    • Totally handy and reasonable price of Bonavita BV 1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker featured with perfect saturation and optimal extraction.

Exact and Quick Brew Time

Exceptional Brew promotes exclusive efficiency as brewing 8 cups (5 oz. cups) in just 5 minutes. A different 55W keep-warm heater remains coffee temperature up to 2 hours, the easy-to-fill water tank has a vastly opening and exact markings in order to water filling, and the unique boiler heater encompasses water only when it gifts a refreshing coffee.


    • 1400W Heater lifts water into the ideal thermal corner. 
    • Shower head designed for a perfect saturation.
    • Keeps coffee warm up to 2 Hour 
    • 2 years of warranty 
    • Built in stainless steel


    • Price is a bit of costly some express.
    • Brewing little amount is not always possible


This Bonavita may be your first requirement to have a refreshing cup of coffee to begin a morning and you will get ultimate pleasure with it when in home, office even if in car. If you are looking for best drip coffee maker then never get late to try this stunning drip maker as you know about its efficiency and innovation already. Multi design and colors are available so just pick your favorite one.

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