Cuisinart Brew Central Dcc-1200

Leanne Renee in her book titled ‘Darker Still’ said “Coffee first, and scheme later.” This may not be the most famous of quotes, but its message is on point to all lovers of coffee, young or old. To many, coffee is a must have early in the morning before the start of the day’s activities or even late in the evening after a long hectic day. For this reason, companies worldwide have gone out of their way to design the best drip coffee maker as of Cuisinart brew central 12 cup programmable coffeemaker.

Today, we will be looking at the Cuisinart brew central dcc-1200 12 cup programmable coffeemaker to check whether it is what manufacturers have been working towards or whether it is a miss from the target. Let us explore!

PRODUCT  FEATURES:  Cuisinart brew central 12 cup programmable coffee maker.

Auto –on Feature

This feature is used to program the start time of the brew cycle as desired by you, the user. It can be set for anytime, be it day or night. In case of nighttime program times by the user, the PM indicator is displayed on the LCD.

The auto-off feature is also an added feature, which seeks to make coffee brewing much easier. It is used to shut off the coffee maker at a preset time, from zero to four hours, 0 to 4 hours. This will help you to conserve the much-needed electricity and prevent the coffee maker from electrical damage, for example, in case of power surge.

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Brew Pause Feature for cuisinart brew central 12 cup programmable coffeemaker

This feature stops the flow of coffee from the basket when the carafe is removed, 30 seconds max, from the heater plate enabling a cup to be poured in mid-brew. Flavor extraction rate varies during the brew cycle; therefore, you should allow the brew cycle to finish before pouring the coffee.

There is a disparity between the coffee flavor profile brewed at the beginning of the cycle and the one at the end of the cycle. Once done, stir the coffee before serving to blend the flavors. The coffee found down at the carafe will be stronger than the one at the top.

Classic Design

The Cuisinart brew central 12-cup coffee maker has a sleek retro design. It has classic brushed stainless steel design and a retro-style toggle, which just blends in your kitchen not regarding the kitchen color theme. Its brushed metal designs with a 12-cup glass carafe with ergonomic handle for comfortable, non-drip pouring.  Its heating plate is black with a scratch resistant non-stick coating.

It comes with an LCD digital clock, which displays the time of day and set time for automatic functions such as auto-on, auto-off and cleaning setting. This is a top-notch design even for a coffee maker.

Cuisinart Dcc-1200 12-Cup Review

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Water Reservoir

The water reservoir is used when filling the coffee maker with water. You should refer to the carafe height marking and fill to the desired number cup of coffee.

Ensure that you add a small amount of extra water, which will be used to account for the amount of water, which is normally lost in the process of making the grounds wet and the water which is also lost as steam or water vapor during the coffee before brewing process.

This will ensure that you get the desired number of cups. After filling the coffee maker ensure you refill the water reservoir for use when you are brewing the next batch of coffee.

Adjustable Heating Plate

It is just stupendous for a coffee maker to have an adjustable heating plate. The adjustable heating plates( low, medium, high) ensure that the coffee which sits for any length of time does not overheat and doesn’t taste burnt, unlike standard burners that make the coffee to not only overheat but also taste burnt.

This ensures that your coffee stays at the temperature control you like best. counter top Uses ground coffee Three-setting variable heater plate allows temperature adjustment and control Keep

Practically, the Cuisinart Brew Central dcc-1200 programmable coffee maker takes nearly an hour for the temperature to settle on a mellow 140 degrees, which is a rather decent but long holding time.


  • Easy of use
  • It is long-lasting/ durable
  • One can brew as many as 12 cups or even just 1
  • It is easy to clean
  • Has a showerhead that distributes water evenly over coffee reducing temperature loss as water passes through grounds
  • Comes with bonus accessories, for example, coffee scoop and charcoal water filter
  • Has a reservoir cover which flips back for easy filling


  • You can’t substitute the glass carafe with a thermal carafe
  • It leaks after long use
  • Some of the design features are weak


Q. What kind of paper filter does it use?

The Cuisinart Coffee DCC-1200 uses a #4 unbleached Melita cone filter

Q. How often does the charcoal filter need to be replaced?

On average it should be replaced after about 60-pots

Q. Does the LCD clock illuminate?

No, it does not illuminateIs the product metal or plastic? Is any plastic is exposed to the coffee?

Q. Is the product metal or plastic? Is any plastic is exposed to the coffee?

The interior is all plastic including the filter basket though it comes with a re-usable metal basket. The carafe is glass with a plastic top. The water goes through a paper filter and into the glass carafe limiting any contact with the plastic.How long will it stay on before the auto shut off turns it off?

Q. How long will it stay on before the auto shut off turns it off?

Actually, you should set the auto turn off from 0 to 4 hours

Final Verdict

If you are a coffee lover, the Cuisinart brew central dcc-1200 Programmable Coffeemaker is a must have coffee brewing machine. It has 3 year warranty. It is easy to use in short quick steps, which make it even easy for granny to brew a pot herself. Its adjustable heating plates are a top feature as they ensure one’s coffee remains at his/her. Enjoy a cup of coffee with this coffeemaker.

Its adjustable heating plates are a top feature as they ensure one’s coffee remains at his/her desired temperature. Its 24-hour advance brew start, programmable auto shut-off from 0-to 4 hours makes me go all crazy even thinking about it. The cuisinart 12 cup coffee maker DCC-1200 is surely a masterpiece! I personally cannot wait to share it with all my friends.

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