Okay, so you have decided to dive into the bed to get some good night’s sleep. You have muted all your devices, closed the curtain to block noise, turned off the light and made sure your room is as cozy as possible. But as soon as you get to bed you realize that you had a cup of coffee an hour ago. And now, you might be wondering will coffee deprive me of sleep? Today, we will be talking about whether coffee will hinder you from sleep or not. So let’s just dive into it.


Before we tell you whether coffee will hinder your sleep or not just read through some of the awesome benefits coffee has. We don’t want you to stop drinking coffee! Ever!

  • The hot beverage (or sometimes consumed cold) is filled with antioxidant which will improve your health and skin.
  • Coffee gives you a boost of energy and helps you get through rough days.
  • Coffee can help with your fat loss. Nope, the latte that you ordered with extra cream will not help. But black coffee with little to no sugar surely will aid your fat loss journey.
  • Coffee can and will stimulate your nervous system which as a result will improve your physical performance. So if you have a sports match then have a cup of coffee before the match.
  • Coffee will reduce the chance of type 2 diabetes.

Coming To The Point:

Now, coming to whether coffee consumption hinders your sleep. To put it short, yes it does hinder your sleep. But wait! Don’t close the article yet. There’s more to it than just a simple yes. You need to understand what coffee is. Coffee is an ancient drink that has been our favorite for ages. Caffeine (found in coffee) is a stimulant and as a result, makes your jittery and you feel much more active! That is the primary reason why it is consumed first thing in the morning or with your breakfast.

To simply put, coffee makes you feel more alert and blocks your sleep-inducing chemicals inside your body and prevents you from falling asleep. That is why when you need to study for a test at night or want to stay awake the whole night coffee becomes your best friend.

How Fast Can It Take Effect?

If you just had a cup of coffee, it can take as less as 15 minutes for the coffee to kick in. The caffeine will enter your bloodstream through your stomach via the small intestine. You can feel much more active and lose drowsiness within 30 minutes. For your coffee to be eliminated from your body it can take 6 hours. So yeah, don’t drink coffee if you want to sleep within 6 hours.

Conclusion or Caveat?

However, some coffee drinkers found the effect of coffee to be very little and does not bother much with their sleeping regimen. As their immune system has been used to coffee for a long time and over-consumption meant coffee had a diminishing connection with their sleep.

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