Best Espresso Machine Under 500

Best Espresso Machine Under 500 for 2020 (April) | Reviewed

There is nothing quite like a nice cup of coffee. Coffee drinkers love their hot beverages almost more than anything of their entire life. But getting the best results is one of the most important parts of enjoying these drinks. If you want an espresso maker, you have a wide range of options from the automatic machines to the most complicated machines which offer you more control over your machine. So, after all if you want a versatile, affordable and budget friendly espresso machine of your own, then you may think about the KRUPS XP1000 steam espresso machine.

The quick mixing espresso maker can provide you a high-quality coffee within a minute as soon as you like to get a coffee for your refreshment. While lots of the espresso machines just focus on only the making of the coffee, but this machine offers you both the highest user control and efficiency in order to get a rich cup of coffee instantly.

#1 KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine

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This machine is a semi-automatic espresso machine. It is compact and such an espresso maker which won’t take up much space of your kitchen. Its internal pump pressure system can automatically control the pressure for coffee. Moreover, if you want to get the customize flavor of your espresso, it allows you to engage the pump to control the water flow manually. As this gadget is a steam-driven machine, it works by forcing the steam through the espresso grinds.

Mechanical Design:

This amazing apparatus utilizes single boiler to heat up the water. It has two thermostats and one boiler itself. One is used to produce the steam to create foam milk and the other one is used to control the water temperature for brewing. By flipping the switch, you can change the thermostat from one to another. But, you cannot brew and steam the milk at the same time on this Krups XP1000 machine.

The most amazing factor of this machine is you can control the amount of the foam of your coffee. This machine is also comes with a separate Steam Wand part to manually steam the milk for latte/ espresso drinks.

Physical Dimension of krups espresso machine


The manufacturer company makes the Krups XP1000 super slim. It will fit on your kitchen cabinetry with only 7 inches of clearance. The width of this machine is only 9.4 inches and the height and length are 11.41 inches and 11.81 inches respectively. So, the weight of this espresso is also little convenient to others. Its weight is only 4.4 lbs.

Features of Krups XP1000:

Before buying any appliance, the functions and features are the most important thing to consider. Some espresso makers come with only the features of doing the best espresso by itself, but this Krups XP1000 comes with not only with a bunch of amazing features but also with the best quality and convenience. Let’s look into the most amazing features of this espresso machine which offers you a great value as well.

  • It has an attached frothing nozzle to make your work easier than others.
  • It consumes only 750 watts of power. So, it is energy efficient also.
  • It has 3-way control knob.
  • The steam nozzle of it can easily make the milk frothing.
  • Its compact size is easy to handle.
  • It has 4 bars with it.
  • The glass carafe has the capacity of storing about 4 cups of coffee.
  • This apparatus also has a power indicator light.
  • It comes with a measuring spoon.
  • The boiler has a built in safety features itself.
  • Because of the removable drip tray of it, the cleaning process of it becomes more efficient and hassle free.
  • This product is not only good for espresso but also for the other types of hot beverages and cappuccino also.
  • With the two year warranty of it, there is nothing to be tensed about the quality of this product.


  • This machine is easy to operate.
  • It heats up the coffee quickly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Because of the slim size, it fits almost everywhere of your kitchen.
  • It is budget friendly.
  • As this unit does not come with the tamping tool, so the users have to purchase it separately.
Final Verdict:

Overall, this krups espresso machine will be definitely the best investment for anyone who is looking for an efficient and the fastest way to make the espresso, cappuccino, and lattes. The users of this appliance are too much straightforward and also simple too. Almost users of every age can control it easily. Considering the affordable price and the best quality, this machine is highly recommended to anyone who wants a good espresso for their everyday life.

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