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FengShui Tips for Designing a Workplace


The interiors and setting of a workspace definitely affect the overall office environment. That’s why every company focuses on designing their office in the best way possible. Feng Shui is an ancient design technique developed in China more than three millennia ago.

This design technique is based on a philosophy related to spatial relationships. So, designing any place according to the principles of Fen Shui brings in harmony and peace as well as manages the overall flow of energies.

Due to this, companies design their workspaces as per Fen Shui to increase the fortune and health of the company as well as the employees. You can give Fen Shui a try while re-designing your workspace even if you don’t believe in philosophies.

Who knows, maybe Feng Shui can boost your business by bringing positivity. Well, if you are up for a try, then you can read the Feng Shui designing tips for the workspace that we are mentioning below.

  1. Add a Fountain or Fish Bowl in your Office:

Water is one of the main elements of Feng Shui philosophy. It represents the free-flowing of thoughts; which can be very helpful in improving your office communication. So, you can add a fountain or a fishbowl in your office.

Add water elements in places like meeting room where most of the communication happens. If you can’t afford any of the above things, then you can also substitute this by a glass of water or colours like blue and black. Always place water elements in the north corner of the workspace to promote focus, concentration and intelligence.

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  1. Place a Mirror above the Work Desk:

Placing the mirror on the ceiling above work desks is a significant Feng Shui setting. You can place a few mirrors above each work desks. You can easily place it with the help of double-sided tape. You can also get manufactured workstations having overhead mirrors. For this, you have to contact office workstation manufacturers.

Placing a mirror above your seating position uplifts your life energy known as “chi”. It also increases the energy flow of the person sat below it. Place the mirrors between 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM as these hours are considered life-affirming yang hours.

  1. Place Metal Elements in the Western Corner:

Metal is yet another essential element of Feng Shui. Metal elements can bring financial success, profits and enhance your income as well. So, you can purchase some metal objects like statues, table pieces or objects that have metal colours to get the benefit of this element.

These objects will also enhance the beauty of your workspace. Remember to place metal objects in the western corner of your workspace; which is the right position for metal elements according to Feng Shui.

  1. Decorate your Walls with Landscape Paintings:

The earth element of Feng Shui helps people in staying grounded and stable. It also promotes stability in your employees’ job and professional relationships. So, you must add the earth element in your workplace.

The best way of doing this is by decorating your office walls with landscape paintings. Landscapes signify earth, and you can get many beautiful paintings with natural designs to decorate in your office. You can also add clay decorations if you don’t want to add paintings.

  1. Place Lamps or Red Objects in the Southern Section:

Fire is a powerful element; so you should be cautious while placing the fire elements in your office. Placing fire elements in the wrong direction can be very harmful to your office and employees productivity.

So, place every red object in the southern corner of the room or office. Also, avoid placing lamps in any other direction because lamps also symbolise fire.

  1. Place Wooden Items in the Eastern Corner:

Usually, everyone uses wooden furniture in the office. So, you won’t have to buy something extra to add the element of wood. You can buy wooden tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture for your office.

Wood signifies loyalty, creativity and inspiration. To get the real benefit of the wooden element, you must place a few wooden items in the eastern corner of your office or its rooms. Placing it in other places won’t be harmful, but it won’t be beneficial as well.

  1. Keep your Desk Clutter-Free and Organised:

You should also organise the work desks according to the principles of Feng Shui. Ensure that all the desks are clutter-free. Add a small table plant to improve the air quality and bring in prosperity.

You will need to take the help of the Bagua map to know which area of your table will promote which thing. This map shows the relation of the different parts of the table with different parts of our personal life. Some of the common positions are:

  • Keep your notepad or anything in which you note your creative ideas at the right corner of the work desk. It will enhance the level of your creativity.
  • Keep the front and centre of your table free of clutter or any unnecessary items because this space is related to your career.
  • The back left edge of the table is related to wealth. So, you should place anything valuable in this area to promote your financial success.


  1. Your Desk should be facing the Entrance of the Room or Cubicle:

Placing your desk so that it faces the entrance removes your stress. In this position, you can see who is entering the room or who is passing by it. Due to this, you won’t be stressed out about someone entering suddenly, and you won’t feel that someone is lurking behind you.

If you cannot move your desk, then ensure to place a mirror so that you can see every activity near the door.

So, follow all these tips to ensure good health, success and prosperity in your office. The Feng Shui philosophy helped many companies, and you can be the next by arranging your office interiors according to Feng Shui.

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