Papasan Chairs

Comfort is one of the most favorite things to almost everyone. We love and seek comfort since the beginning of our life. We get relaxed mostly on beds and chairs. After beds, chairs are the most popular furniture for comfort at home, workplace, cafes or any other place. When it comes to enjoying comfort on a chair, Papasan chairs are most probably the best type of chair for relaxing. They are so much comfortable that you may even fall asleep on them!!!

Therefore, you would love your home to decorate with Papasan Chairs and even your office or outdoor. Like if you are a coffee shop owner in your city, you would love it, because they are cheap and they are interesting too! Read on to be introduced to Papasan chairs.

What Are Papasan Chairs?

The Papasan Chair is a circular Filipino piece of furniture. It is also called by other names such as bucket chair, moon chair, bowl chair, big round chair etc. The chairs have a wicker/rattan/wood frame along with a stylish yet extremely comfortable cushion on the top. The cushions are made of thick velvet material filled with cotton fluff. The cushion can be customized in any position which makes this piece of furniture even more appealing. The best feature of these chairs is that the cushions are not warm like the Rexene or leather ones as these chairs are specially made for relaxation.

History of Papasan Chairs

The Papasan Chairs have not come relatively new in style. They were also in a fashion very long ago. They were first introduced in the United States in the year 1950. During the time World War II, many service members used to buy a cheap Papasan chair for their homes from Asia because of their comfortability in nature. The Papasan chairs were also introduced to other western countries during the same era, around the 1950s. As the people of Europe & USA are huge fans of comfortable and magnificent furniture, the big round Papasan chairs gained huge popularity within a very short span of time and remain same till today.

Role of A Coffee Shops Decorating With Papasan Chairs

Most people have a common idea about Papasan Chairs after seeing it for the first time. They may not be comfortable and were designed only for the novelty. But they are really awesome for comfort and relaxing. Nowadays everybody lives a hectic life, isn’t it? People head towards coffee shops to refresh and relax after a tiring. So, Papasan chairs can be a great addition to the coffee shops as they also feature cushions which accommodate people of all sizes. These chairs will surely attract huge masses to coffee shops.


The Papasan chairs are also very versatile as they are comprised of a large circle at the bottom and a small circle on the top. They are connected by vertical supports. As the circles are open, the position of the frame and cushion can be adjusted easily. The frame and the cushion are separate, so the cushion can also be used separately, e.g. on the floor too! This flexible nature of bowl or moon shaped Papasan chairs will attract many hardcore coffee aficionados in a café as versatility is so amazing at the end of a long tiring day.


As the Papasan chairs feature rounded edges, simple & friendly shape, they are really safe and satisfying for children’s. And by simply removing the base of the chairs, it can be used as a swing for them too. You just have to attach it with a really strong rope and hang it outside.

This is really a great form of enjoyment for kids and well as adults at the same time, right? So you can also bring children without any hesitation at coffee shops which have elegant Papasan chairs. This would surely be a great advantage for any modern coffee shops, as more and more families will be attracted to those cafés along with youngsters and teenagers.


So, now we can see that versatility and comfort is the striking feature of Papasan chairs. As comfort and relaxation are the best way to attract people in any place, today’s café owners may certainly try their premises decorating with cheap Papasan chairs and witness increased gatherings as well as revenue growth by this simple transformations!

This is how the Papasan chairs can even convert any café into an extraordinary hangout place for all age groups and make the coffee shop stand out among thousands in the city.

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