How To Clean A Bunn Coffee Maker

People regularly ask and searching, that how can they clean their coffee Bunn and what supplies needed to do the cleaning? If you are looking for a process of cleaning a Bunn coffee maker, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we are explaining How to Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker  (Step by Step Guide).

Bunn is one of the most trusted brands on the earth which makes to brew warm and delicious coffee in a few minutes. Cleaning a Bunn coffee maker is quite easy even for the first time because coffee makers come with a special tool that allows you to remove any deposits in the spray head easily. 

If you want to go by the owner’s manual, you should be giving it a good deep cleaning at least every three months. However, it needs to clean more often if your source of water is hard.

Following the instructions given in this article will make sure your coffee maker live longer and continue giving great coffee.

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Types of Bunn Coffee Maker

There are three types of Bunn and each Bunn has a different design.

  • Speed Brew
  • Heat N’ Brew
  • Single-serve 


The following supplies are important and you need for cleaning of Bunn coffee maker.

  • White vinegar

Vinegar enters into all corners of the machine and removes stains, minerals, and germs that have piled in the machine many times. 

  • Distilled water

It’s another cleaning process by using white vinegar you can run the coffee maker. With small vinegar fill the water section and brew the same way to make coffee that will remove every small particle hiding in the machine.

  • Soft cloths

While washing the Bunn coffee machine a soft cloth is always used to clear the dust from the machine.

  • Detergent or soap

It is another way that is used to remove stains from coffee Bunn. Rinse with dish soap or mild liquid and then clean the coffee machine.

  • Spray head cleaning tool

This is used to make liquids or water enter all parts of the Bunn. It’s important because human hands can’t get to the corners of the machine. It also used to clean remove the stain and make easy the whole process.

How to Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker?

Step by step process How to Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker.

Process 1:

The process of hard water cleaning is almost the same as regular cleaning. At first, you will have to unplug the power source that is very important to avoid the danger of electric shock and turned it off for some time to avoid burning.

  • After that, you will have to add around 1 quart of distilled vinegar on top of the brewer to start the process.
  • Close the lid (water will start flowing)
  • You will immediately see the vinegar flow and when it stops flowing, it is time to make sure that the decanter is empty.
  • Now simply plug the machine on and keep it on for around two hours. The machine will start cleaning itself and when time goes by, turn the switch off and turn the main power off too.
  • Remove the brew funnel and unscrew the spray head. Check the spray head and clear all the deposits.
  • Clean the spray head with a soft cloth and water.
  • Put the water into a brewer and do not close the lid.
  • Position empty carafe on the base plate and put again the brew funnel and close the lid.
  • After water stop flowing and the brew funnel is empty.
  • Now again wash the whole machine using the regular water for at least one time. This will make sure that your machine lasts longer.

To have a perfectly delicious cup of coffee, you need to clean your Bunn Coffee maker depending on how frequently you use it. You can also have a look at if you want to know more about how to clean a Bunn coffee maker.

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Process 2 while Using Deliming tool:

Use the deliming tool that came with a coffee machine which is the perfect tool for cleaning the water delivery. Different models of Bunn coffee makers have different tools, which may be either made of plastic or metal. You can start your cleaning process by locating the spray head just beneath the top part of your machine.

  • Make sure you have already turned off the machine from the power source at least for some time to avoid yourself from burning. 
  • Now, remove the spray head using your finger, clean the hole with water that you saw after removing the spray head which is called a spray head tube and keep it aside. You also received deliming tool with your machine to easily clean the hole where most of the lime deposits occur. 
  • Simply, insert the deliming tool into the spray head tube, leave 1 or 2 inches of deliming tool out of the spray head tube. Move the deliming tool up and down through the hole at least 10 times to get rid of the crusts inside easily.
  • Before putting the spray head back in its place, you should recheck if there is any clog or not. If so, you can unclog it with a toothpick or water it forcefully.

Now, as you have done the critical part of the machine already, run regular water several times to clean the whole machine carefully, and do not rush as you will leave foams and soaps inside the machine which will damage the flavor of your coffee later on.

Minerals and sediments will continue building up inside your coffee maker because of the water you use either for brewing coffee or for cleaning purposes. Hard water cleaning will protect your machine from losing its life and taste. It is to make sure that your machine is getting calcium and magnesium which will help the performance grow.

Some questions which are frequently asked by people.

 1. Can I use white vinegar to clean my coffee maker?

Yes of course, “White vinegar is a useful natural cleaning agent enters into all corners of the machine and removes the stain, minerals, and germs that have piled in the machine from many times”. NSF international conduct in 2011 and found that coffee reservoirs in homes are the 5th germy place for two reasons which are warmth and moisture, impact the efficiency and flavor of the coffee. People may not be informed about the need for cleaning their coffee makers regularly and the use of white vinegar are important for tasting great coffee and to keep your machine hygienic. 

2. How much vinegar do you use to clean a coffee maker?

Normally people use one part of white vinegar and two parts of water, but in some machines, it recommends less dose of white vinegar and some recommends a large amount of vinegar. To find out the vinegar recommendation amount for cleaning, do some research on the internet or read the user manual. If the machine wants less amount of vinegar then you have to use one cup vinegar and three cups water, and if it wants a large amount of vinegar then you have to use two cups vinegar and one cup water.

3. Is cleaning with vinegar safe for a coffee maker?

Cleaning with vinegar is the safest and easiest way to clean your coffee maker. As usual, fill the reservoir with half water and half vinegar, turn on the coffee maker and run it as you would do for a normal plot coffee. When the cycle complete, empty the coffee Bunn and repeat the process.

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