how to clean coffee maker

How to clean coffee maker machine?

Did you know that a coffee maker contains more bacteria than your bathroom faucet handle? Yes, it’s true. According to the survey, it is found that around 50% of our kitchen and household accessories contains yeast and mould. Even if you use the best coffee maker, the data does not change, it remains the same for all.

The times when your coffee starts tasting different then in spite of thinking that your coffee maker is not good, you should think about How clean it is? Or Is it the time to clean the coffee maker?

But do not worry if you cannot identify when to clean and how to clean? Here, I will show the steps below by which anyone in your home could be able to clean the coffee machine very easily.

How to identify the time of cleaning?

If you are a coffee lover, then you could be able to find the change in taste and would know that you need to clean it. But there are many others who actually don’t understand the actual time. So, let’s see what are the things that tell us about it.

  • Change in taste of coffee
  • Increase in brewing time
  • You could get a lot of buzzing noise but your coffee maker stops brewing.
  • Brewing sound increases, unusual sound.
  • Spewing of coffee by your coffee maker.

Why is it essential to clean coffee maker?

Coffee makers are not the kitchen appliance that is just needed one time a day. These are used for more than 2-3 times per day. If you are a coffee lover, then you must be using it 5-8 times a day. Therefore, I would love to say it as a kitchen champ.

Going through these many processes they accumulate a lot of minerals inside them. These minerals are mostly calcium, magnesium, sodium which we generally find in water. Although, these minerals are essential for our body and we need it in water but for coffee makers they become something which makes them dirty.

These accumulated minerals do not only change the taste of your coffee but also results in clogging. They also enhance the brewing time and can even cause your coffee maker to stop working.

Therefore, it is essential to clean your coffee maker to get a clean and best brewed coffee at your home for years.

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How to clean your coffee maker?

We will be using Vinegar for cleaning up the parts of the coffee maker. Vinegar can be found in almost every home and is very affordable too. Apart from this, it has the strength of killing bacteria and making your appliances shiny as new.

Let’s check out the steps required for cleaning the coffee maker:

  • Take out all the coffee out from the machine.
  • Fill a mug with half water and half vinegar.
  • Put the mixture in the coffee maker machine and run the cycle. The mixture will loosen the mineral compound stuck in the interior walls of the machine.
  • One the cycle is complete, rerun the same process again.
  • Now, make the pot empty and wash it with soapy water. You can even use a toothbrush to remove any remaining coffee stains.
  • Fill up the coffee machine with cold water and run it twice. Make sure that all the vinegar gets comes out of the coffee maker.
  • Now, it’s the time to clean up the exterior of the coffee maker. Take and clean cloth and soak it well with water and vinegar solution and do it. Dry it with a dry microfiber cloth.

How often a coffee maker needs to be cleaned?

The basket and pots of a coffee maker needs to be cleaned daily. This is because the coffee beans contain oils which becomes putrid if not cleaned.

Cleaning the pots and basket everyday with soapy warm water will make sure you don’t get your morning coffee with a foul taste or smell.

Adding some salt or baking soda to it will be great for good cleaning effect.

A coffee maker always tells us when it needs to be cleaned. Use the above method to clean it daily and use vinegar to clean it on a monthly basis. Cleaning the machine not only makes your brew taste better but also makes it work efficiently for years.

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