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Unfortunately, there is not enough guideline of how to make coffee with a coffee maker around and that is why this is going to be a vital info for the readers. In this article, you will get to know everything that it How To Make Coffee With a Coffee Maker in your own kitchen.

The first task is always to prepare the coffee machine. Is it plugged properly in the socket? If not then you should plug it first and then add a filter basket in the machine. Do not worry if you don’t have a filter basket as not every machine comes with one. This is an optional option for you as it won’t vary the taste of your coffee.

How To Make Coffee With A Coffee Maker

Now let’s come to the vital part. The actual task that you need to start with is measuring the coffee. The ratio between coffees to water is vital in preparing great coffee. Remember that you should always keep a ratio of 6:2 (water: coffee) while preparing your coffee.

It does not matter whether you are preparing coffee for yourself or for the whole family; the ratio will always be the same. Also note that some special coffee makers may have special requirements when it comes to coffee and water ratio.

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Always remember that the coffee machine does not offer you coffee out of nowhere. You are providing water and coffee beans to the machine and the machine is processing the coffee for you. Therefore, it is very important that you source quality beans for your coffee machines.

What do we mean when we say quality coffee beans? We certainly mean beans that have been stored in a nice environment, which are fresh and which have the flavors that you love. To make sure that your coffee beans are at the best possible condition, always keep those in an air tight place. This is important as it will keep the flavors intact.

Now after you have measured the coffee, it is time to measure the water. Use a simple cup or glass to measure your water. Initially, you will face difficulties but it won’t be a problem once you get the habit of it.

The most common concept of measuring coffee is using a small spoon. Most people call these tea spoons but you can also use them for your coffee. Some machines also come with special spoons dedicated to only those machines.

If your coffee maker came with one of those spoons then it is a must that you use only that spoon. Also to be extra careful, measure the carrying capability of that specific spoon so that you can match the same capacity if the spoon is lost.

Now when you are done with putting the coffee and water inside the maker, it is time to plug the coffee maker on. Remember that you should not plug it on unless your water is inside the maker. Water and electricity have a weird love and you do not want to get into that. Therefore, only turn your coffee maker on when the water and coffee are inside the maker.

Now, there are some coffee makers which will instantly start brewing coffee when you turn the switch on. Some makers will start only if you click on the start button. In those cases, simply press the start button and let the machine brew coffee for you. As soon as you do that, the waiting period starts.

You can do whatever you feel like in this waiting period. You don’t have to stay beside the coffee machine as all coffee machines have some kind of a signal to tell you that the brewing is done. In most cases the signal is a loud beep noise which can easily awake you even if you are sleeping.

If your coffee maker has a pause option then you can pause the machine in the middle of the brewing process to fill a cup of coffee. In the other cases, you will have to wait until the brewing is completely done. This is a crucial time because you have to make sure that you remove the paper filler if you have used any. This is important because if you keep your filler for too long inside the machine, your coffee beans will be extra-extracted which will end up ruining the whole process.

If you are using a filter that the machine offered then you do not have anything to worry about. Also, if you didn’t use any filter then you do not have to worry either.

Now that you got the brilliant coffee that you have dream about, drink the coffee and clean the coffee machine immediately. It is important that you clean the machine as soon as possible otherwise the machine will have these same flavors when you prepare the next batch. Some machines will allow you to use

Some machines will allow you to use dishwasher to clean those where the other ones will require manual cleaning. It is not a tough process at all as you only need to clean it with fresh water rinse.

Now you know how to make coffee with a coffee maker and you also understood that it is not that difficult to do so. Each and every process is important while you are preparing coffee.

You will not understand the importance as they do not look like deadly steps but if you miss one of them, the whole process will be hampered and your coffee won’t taste that good anymore.

From pouring in water to cleaning your coffee machine, each and every step has their own weights and you need to respect each of them to get the best results.

When you are done with all the process, keep the coffee machine in a safe place and you are done.

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