Stop Adding Sugar In Your Coffee – Here’s 7 Alternative Ways To Do So

Have you ever imagined that health freaks stop by a coffee shop on the way on a random day? In most cases fitness fanatics don’t do so because of only one reason. Any guesses, coffee fans? Yeah, it’s the sugar in it!! Though sugar is a big ‘NO’ for most health freaks, do we think about the sweeteners in our favorite drink??

Maybe never so seriously, right? No more compromising on this issue from today, coffee freaks. Still there remains a question that how we may alternatively sweeten one of the world’s most popular drinks. No worries… There are a lot of other sweeteners to use in our coffee mug.

Some are extremely popular, while some are not. So, let us have a look at the top sweetening stuff alternative to sugar. You will obviously be glad to know about so many substitutes of sugar. So let’s head on….


 1. Unsweetened cocoa powder:

Are you a person who loves coffee and chocolate at the same time? Then unsweetened cocoa powder may be a great option for you. As you know, this powder doesn’t dissolve in water easily, you may opt to spread it on the top of your coffee mug.


Unsweetened cocoa powder


But this may be a mess for many coffee lovers. Then you may make a mixture of coffee and cocoa powder first and add a couple drops of water which will lead into a paste like of stuff. Now you can add milk or water whichever you prefer. This will lead to even distribution of both the ingredients in your coffee mug.


2. Nut Milk:

Most of us are huge fans of different kinds of nuts like as almonds, hazelnuts, cashews etc, isn’t it? Usually nut milk has a very sweet flavor naturally; so it will add a great aroma and sweetness at the same time. And you will be pretty surprised to know that this also acts as your coffee creamer.

Nut Milk for Sweetening Coffee

This is really wonderful. You may choose any kinds of nut milks whichever is you prefer. But you should always pay attention to one thing which is chemicals. Most artificial ones contain a lot of chemical ingredients, you may choose the ones with low chemical values or you may also opt to make your own using a blender.


3. Vanilla:

One of the most popular and easiest ways to sweeten your favorite coffee without sugar is adding various types of flavors. Such one flavor is the vanilla. This has great taste and it helps to reduce the bitterness of sugar-free coffee by a hundred times.


Vanilla Cream for Sweetening Coffee


This is really great and it also adds a unique taste to your coffee. You can use this method perfectly by adding vanilla seeds directly from the beans. This also adds a fresh feeling taste to your coffee mug which is really amazing. If the direct vanilla seeds are difficult to collect, you may choose the next best thing: vanilla essence which can be easily found in your nearest store.


4. Coconut Cream:

Coconut cream is obviously hot favorite of most people. This cream has sweetness in it naturally and adds great taste and nutritional value to your coffee. When you will add coconut to your mug, the coffee will taste sweeter and taste like coconut too.

Optimized-Coconut Cream for sweetening Coffee


This will surely be a fully different mug while compared to others. But you should take care of just one thing in case of the coconut cream. It’s the fat. So you should add this as a sweetener sometimes but not in a regular basis which will be extremely healthy for you.


5. Cinnamon and Sea-Salt:

You can also opt to add cinnamon to your coffee mug to sweeten it. This will also boost up your whole body as well as your brain which is really great for your working days. This is really amazing for the mornings, isn’t it?


Sea Salt for Sweetening Coffee


You may have heard about all these earlier. But have you ever heard of adding sea salt to your coffee mug? It’s quite unusual. But you know, adding a pinch of salt will help to sweeten your coffee as it helps to reduce the bitterness of the sugar-free coffee. But you always need to be careful while adding salt to your coffee mug, make sure you add only a pinch.


6. Maple syrup:

As a health freak, you may already know that maple syrup is a really amazing source of potassium, zinc, manganese and calcium too. And you will be extremely glad to know that this is rich in antioxidants too. As this is heat-stable, you may use this in any way you wish.

Maple Syrup for Sweetening Coffee


You can use this to sweeten your coffee too as it is naturally sweet and so is great for your health.


7. Stevia:

Stevia is actually found in South America and people use it as an alternative sweetener for many years. As it has zero calories and zero side effects, you can use it blindly as a sweetener in your favorite drink.

Stevia Sweetener for Sweetening Coffee


But use should be careful while using this thing because it is almost 200 times sweeter than sugar. So you should use this by adjusting to that ratio.

So these were the most popular and main ingredients which you may use as a substitute of sugar. Now you can enjoy a healthier and fresher mug of coffee at any time of the day which is really great for your mind as well as your health too, right?

Now say goodbye to the days when you used to have less coffee because of calories and life a healthy life with coffee and these wonderful natural sweeteners!!



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