How To Use A Bunn Coffee Maker

If you are familiar with the regular coffee makers then it won’t be tough for you to figure out how to use a Bunn coffee maker. Whether you know it or don’t, this article is going to help you as it will cover everything that is needed to know to call yourself an expert when it comes to preparing coffee with a Bunn coffee maker. You won’t have to ask bunn-velocity-brew-bt-product-photos-2‘how to use a Bunn coffee maker’ once again in your life if you read this article properly.

Bunn coffee makers are different than the regular coffee makers as they produce results with a short span of time. The reason behind that is the hot water reservoir which will make sure that you have a ready cup of coffee within three to four minutes at max.

Now, you obviously need to know how to use a Bunn coffee maker to get the best results. Let’s start with the things that you will need to have the perfect cup of coffee. Fortunately, there are only three things that you will need which are:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Filter
  • Spoon to measure coffee

The first task is to open up the lid of your coffee maker to slide the brew funnel. As it is a Bunn coffee maker, you bunn-velocity-brew-bt-product-photos-5will find a special brewing compartment in the machine which is generally located below the warmer switch. You have to make sure that the brew funnel goes to that specific brewing compartment. Now it is time to pour the water inside this compartment. Simply pour around one cup of water inside this compartment and that is it.

This will be the first step and when you are done with that, make sure that you are closing the lid too before you are completing this step.

Now put the coffee pot on top of the warmer and give it around three minutes which should be enough for the water to go to the reservoir. Remember that you will have to make sure that the reservoir is full and that is why; keep adding more and more water unless the reservoir is completely full. How would you understand that the reservoir is completely full of water? One good strategy is to wait till some water is pouring out from the coffee pot under the warmer. This will give you an indication that the reservoir is completely full.

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bunn coffee warmer switchNow it is time to plug the brewer in. Make sure that there is no water in the cable and plug the brewer on. Some brewer will turn on immediately when you switch the electricity.

Some will require you to press a ‘turn on’ button to start brewing. After you have turned the machine on, it is time to wait so that the water reaches up to the brewing temperature. Generally, it takes around ten to fifteen minutes for the water to reach the brewing point. If your machine is a great one, it will take less time and in other cases, it might take a few more minutes.

You are now ready to brew coffee. Simply put a coffee filter inside the brew funnel and start pouring the coffee bunn-velocity-brew-bt-product-photos-6grounds inside. Use a measuring spoon to pour in coffee grounds. The rule is simple here. If you need one cup of coffee, you should put 2 ounces of coffee grounds inside and the number will increase or decrease accordingly.

When you are pouring the coffee grounds inside, make sure that you are shaking the filter a bit so that the grounds do not get stuck in the middle. You want to make sure that the grounds are spread properly.


Finally, it is time to turn the warmer button on and the process will start immediately. When you will turn the switch on, water will start to get inside the tank and coffee will start brewing immediately. It will take around three minutes for your coffee to get out. Use your drinking cup to take the coffee and turn the switch off. If you still have coffee inside, keep the machine that way to drink it later. Otherwise, it is time to clean the machine.

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