how to use an espresso machine

How To Use An Espresso Machine (5 Easy Steps)

Making a perfect espresso is not as simple as it is to have a cup of espresso sitting in any coffee bar. We have moved through the manual to the machinic world. Old classical and sweat bursting methods are worn off. Nowadays, espresso-making is tricky and machinic task. You can make a cup of espresso better than any espresso bar around you by just following 5 steps. For that, we just have to determine the right espresso machine for our expected splendid blend of taste. “How to” tutorial of using an espresso machine. Here are 5 magical steps to guide you on how to use an espresso machine.

How to use an espresso machine?

Espresso makers are quite famous in today’s world. There are two main types of espresso makers. The stovetops or espresso machines. We are going to learn how to use an espresso machine. We have a variety of machines in the market to make a variety of espresso taste but we should be known to use them before buying any of the espresso machines. Almost, all espresso machines have the same parts and processes to go through.

General Parts and Gauges of an espresso machine.

Although we have hundreds and thousands of manufacturers around us who make espresso machines in a unique way. But believe me, each and every espresso has some basic gauges and tools installed in it. Espresso machines have a display board where all its buttons and gauges lie. It usually has the following buttons and gauges.

  • Power button.

Used to power on or power off the espresso machine.

  • Shot button

It is a button that helps you to choose the number of shots you want to prepare.

  • Temperature Gauge

It shows the temperature of the water. To keep the water temperature in the best temperature range.

  • Steam Gauge.

A steam gauge helps to show the boiling level of hot milk. Some machines do not have a boil installed in them. So, you have to boil the milk on your hands.

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Now we go through the steps of using an espresso machine.

  • Water Pot.

Every espresso machine has a water pot to reserve the water for espresso. It is labeled with the marks or lines for one-shot or double shot measurements. This measurement scale helps you to determine how much water you need for a single shot espresso or double shot. Fill the pot with the quantity of water for your desired shot. Most of the machines have water filters but if your machine does not have a water filter then use filtered water.

  • Power on the machine and putting the shot basket in.

Turn your espresso machine on and wait until it indicates that your espresso machine is ready to use. Different espresso machines have different way to indicate it. Now you have to open your filter basket from beneath your machine’s spout.

The filter is filled with the coffee basket. You can put the coffee basket of your desired size. Baskets come with the sizes of one, double or triple shots. Keep in mind, if the basket size is not compatible with your aimed shots of coffee. The espresso machine will not turn out.

  • Filling the coffee filter.

Now put your coffee powder in the shot basket filter with a spoon. Make sure that coffee powder is well pressed and doesn’t have any open source around bottom of coffee basket. If you see any left coffee powder along the walls of coffee basket wipe it off with fingers or any other clean stuff.

In the case you have coffee beans. Many of the espresso machines have beans grinders installed. Put your beans in the grinder and grind the coffee beans. If your espresso machine does not have a grinder installed, just grind the bean on your own and fill the powder into the coffee basket.

  • Use the tamper tool.

Tamper is a small gadget, comes with the espresso machines, to spread and press the coffee powder or grounds of coffee. You need to use your tamper tool to make sure that your coffee grinds are compressed enough to give you splendid taste. Keep pushing downside your tamper tool unless it makes the coffee grinds in compact and pressed form.

  • Locking back the filter on spout.

Now put your shot basket filter back on the head of your espresso machine’s spout. Twist the filter on head unless it is locked. Usually, a click sound appears when filter gets locked. After you have locked the filter just put a cup under the faucet of spout. You should choose the cup of a size which may contain your desired quantity of espresso.

How to clean the espresso machine?

You must do a thorough cleaning of the Expresso machine every day when the day ends. If your café spot is high-volume, then this should be during the shift as well. Here are the main steps that you can follow to do the cleaning:

1. First of all, remove the portafilters. They are present on the group head where coffee residues are present. So, you can get rid of them by brushing the groups head.
2. Now put the blind baskets in place of brewing one in portafilters. Add a tablespoon of cleaning powder to the blind basket.
3. Now put the portafilters back, add water, and run the machine for 10 seconds.
4. Take a 3-second break and do the above step 4 times. After this, take out portafilters and drain the water.
5. Brush the group heads to get rid of remaining coffee particles, and rinse them for the last time.
6. You can repeat all of the above one more time to make sure the machine is completely clean.
These are the simple steps for cleaning the Expresso machine that can take off coffee that is stuck in the system. Repeat it every day to maintain the Expresso machine.


People in this era always remain busy. Also, it is the modern world of technology. So the espresso machine is one of the best options for people to have espresso coffee without any bulk of work. It is an investment in saving your precious time. So use the espresso machine at any time either it is early morning even late at night. It provides convenience to the user to have a coffee by pressing only one button.

Now you only need to press the shot button. Espresso machines have specified allocated buttons for single shot and double shot. Select and choose the button of your choice. Espresso machine will blend and brew the coffee and the espresso machine will pour the espresso in your cup. Now you can enjoy your espresso. That’s all you need to know to answer the question “how to use an espresso machine”.

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