How windshield chips or cracks occur

What kind of windshield cracks can be repaired?

The windshield is quite a supportive part of your vehicle, but when it is cracked or chipped, what will you do? Either you will replace it or repair it. You also can use the finest windshield repair kit to do it yourself easily. Whether you have to repair or replace the windshield depends on the size, location, and depth of the cracks.

Obviously, if more than 20% of the windshield area is broken, it is difficult to repair the crack. And if the cracks are present in both layers of the shield, it worsens the conditions. Moreover, cracks at the corner are critical and challenging to repair.

Is your glass repairable?

Laminated glass is used in the windshields as compared to side door windows, which consists of tempered glass. You can repair the wind shield but not the glass of side doors.

For your comfort, we will tell you that professionals can easily repair smaller chips and cracks. Some of the windshield cracks which can be repaired are;

  1. Cracks produced by small stones or balls.
  2. Chips of size smaller than quarter and cracks with size more about 2-3 inches are easy to repair.
  3. 1cm chip outside the area in front of the driver seat.
  4. Chip up to 7 cm and cracks up to 35 cm is the maximum limit for repairing.
  5. Cracks at the center or away from the corners of the windshield can be repaired as the cracks at corners affect the stability of vehicles.
  6. Cover the cracks with tape, so no debris or dust enters the crevices as cracks with debris and small stones are difficult to repair. And for instance, if you repair the crack, the surface will not appear as smooth as the original.
  7. Cracks occur a few days past and are not washed by cold water.
  8. The windshield has two glass layers. If the damage is only on the outside, it is easy to repair.
  9. If the crack has occurred in the windshield area in front of the driver, it is not possible to repair it. The repair at such a location can disturb the view for the driver and may lead to an accident.
  10. Any crack in the area of the sensor like a rain sensor, lane departure warning systems cannot be repaired and are replaced. You need a clear screen view for these sensors; otherwise, they do not perform properly.

How windshield chips or cracks occur?

Well, it is not necessary that a vehicle has met an accident if its windshield is broken. It is possible that the windshield is hit by a ball thrown by children playing in the ground. A small stone from someone’s wheel might have hit the screen. Or someone intentionally hit the screen with a bat. Even in some cases, small particles in the chips lead to increased damage to the screen.

How to deal with such situations is not very difficult. Just cover the crack with clear plastic tape and take it to the nearest repair shop.

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