How Windshield Chips Or Cracks Occur

The windshield is quite a supportive part of your vehicle, but when it is cracked or chipped, what will you do? Either you will replace it or repair it. You also can use the finest windshield repair kit to do it yourself easily. Whether you have to repair or replace the windshield depends on the size, location, and depth of the cracks.

Obviously, if more than 20% of the windshield area is broken, it is difficult to repair the crack. And if the cracks are present in both layers of the shield, it worsens the conditions. Moreover, cracks at the corner are critical and challenging to repair.

Repair Vs Replacement

A cracked windshield can be repaired easily and cheaply. If you are looking to replace your windshield, however, it might cost you more money than you think. In fact, replacing a windshield is often much more expensive than repairing one. This article will explain why.

Windshield repairs are usually done in a shop where technicians use special tools to fix small cracks. They fill the area around the crack with silicone sealant, and then cover the entire surface of the glass with a clear film called Scotchgard.

Then, they let the windshield dry overnight. When the windshield dries completely, the technician removes the tape and applies another layer of silicone sealant over the whole surface of the glass.

After the second coat dries, the technician uses a squeegee to smooth out the surface of the glass. Finally, he or she applies a protective coating of clear plastic film to protect the glass from further damage.

When you choose to repair your windshield, you pay about $50-$100 per hour. You don’t have to wait for the work to be completed either; most shops charge extra for rush jobs. Plus, you’ll probably spend anywhere from $150 to $300 for materials alone.

Replacing a windshield costs considerably more. First, there is the labor involved. Technicians typically charge $75-$125 per hour, plus materials. Depending on how many hours it takes to complete the job, the total bill could run into thousands of dollars.

And because windshield replacement requires cutting through several layers of glass, the process is more complicated and dangerous than fixing a small crack.

For example, a technician must cut through the old windshield, apply adhesive to the inside of the car frame, install the new glass, and then reinstall the frame.

Whether or Not Cracks Can Be Repaired

Cracking glass windows is something we all face at some point. But what happens when you find a crack in your windshield? Is it worth repairing? Or should you just replace it altogether?

Here’s how to know whether or not you should repair or replace your cracked windshield. A crack in the windshield does NOT always mean that the window cannot possibly be repaired.

There are many different types of cracks, and each one requires a different type of repair. For example, a small chip in the windshield might require a simple touch up paint job.

However, a larger crack could be caused by a stone impact, which needs to be repaired by replacing the entire windshield. Some cracks are too deep and simply cannot be repaired.

If you notice a crack that goes down into the interior of the vehicle, it is likely too big to fix. In addition, if there is a crack that runs across the entire surface of the windshield, it is most likely due to hail damage.

Hail damage is extremely common in areas where storms occur frequently, such as Florida. This type of damage usually occurs when a hailstorm hits the car, causing the windshield to shatter.

Installing a new windshield is generally recommended if the crack is very large. While it is possible to repair smaller cracks, installing a new windshield is often easier and cheaper. Plus, a new windshield will provide better protection against future impacts.

Key Assessment Factors Include

  • The size of the crack.
  • How long it’s been there.
  • What materials are used to repair it.
  • Where the damage occurred.
  • Crack Repair Options

There are many different types of repairs you can do to your home. Some are temporary fixes while others are permanent solutions. Here are some examples of what you might consider doing to your home:


A cracked windshield is usually caused either by an impact or by heat. If you see a broken piece of glass inside your car, it could mean that someone hit your vehicle.

However, if you notice cracks on the outside of your windshield, it might indicate that your car was exposed to extreme heat. In both cases, the best thing to do is to contact your auto repair shop and ask about how to fix the problem.

Type of Crack:

Windshield cracks come in many shapes and sizes. They can occur anywhere along the glass surface, and each one needs to be treated differently.

There are three main types of windshield crack:

  • 1. Cracks caused by impact damage. These cracks usually form around the edges of the glass where it meets the frame. Impact damage is often caused by a vehicle hitting something hard like another car or a tree.
  • 2. Cracks caused by thermal stress. Thermal stress occurs when heat builds up inside the glass causing it to expand. This causes the glass to break along the lines of weakness.
  • 3. Cracks caused by chemical attack. Chemical attacks happen when chemicals such as road salt or acid rain penetrate the windshield and cause it to weaken over time.

The best way to repair a cracked windshield is to find out what type of crack you have. If you don’t know how to do this, contact a local auto body shop.

Talk to a Windshield Repair Technician:

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We offer free estimates over the phone, and we’ll even come out to your location if needed. Our mobile shop allows us to provide fast turnaround times without having to make multiple trips. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Windshield Repair Location

A damaged windshield can compromise the security of the passengers inside a vehicle. If you notice a crack or chip in your windshield, it is important to know where to take it for repair.

The most common location for windshield replacement is the auto glass shop closest to your home. Auto glass shops are required to use certain materials and techniques to ensure the integrity of the glass.

They must follow strict guidelines set forth by the manufacturer of the vehicle. These guidelines include the type of material used, how the glass is cut, and what types of chemicals are applied during the manufacturing process.

If you live in a rural area, your best bet might be to find a mobile windshield repair technician. Mobile technicians usually travel in trucks equipped with specialized tools and equipment. You can ask around to see if anyone knows one near you.

You can also call local police departments and emergency medical centers to inquire about whether they offer windshield repair services. Many cities require motorists to carry liability insurance in case of accidents. This includes coverage for windshield replacements.

In some cases, a cracked windshield can cause serious injury. In such situations, it is better to replace the entire windshield rather than attempt to repair it.

Windshield Repair Depth

A windshield repair requires two layers of glass. If the damage goes through both layers, it is very likely the windshield needs to be completely replaced.

There are many different types of windshield repairs available depending upon the type of damage there is; however, most of the common problems can be repaired without replacing the whole windshield.

Windshield Repair Size

A windshield repair larger than three-inches usually requires replacement. Cracks larger than two-inches are considered a safety issue and should be addressed by a professional.

Difference Between a Chipped and Cracked Windshield

A crack in your windshield could signal a much bigger problem. If you don’t take care of it immediately, it could lead to a broken windshield and even worse problems down the road.

A chip in your windshield is less severe, but still requires immediate attention. Cracked windshields are common, especially among older vehicles. They’re caused by small pieces of debris hitting the glass over time.

Chips happen when something hits the glass hard enough to break off a piece of the material. Both cracks and chips can cause safety issues if left unattended.

Windshield Cracks

Cracking is one of those things that we never think about unless something goes wrong. But it’s important to know how to prevent it, because once a crack begins, it can grow into a dangerous problem.

If you’re driving around town, you might notice some small cracks forming along the edges of your windshield. They could even look like spider webs. These are called “frost lines.”

Frost lines usually form during cold weather, and they’ll disappear when temperatures rise again. If you see frost lines on your windshield, there’s nothing to worry about. Just keep driving!

But if you’ve noticed large cracks or holes in your windshield, it’s time to take action. You can either replace the entire windshield or just repair the damage. Either way, make sure you follow our tips on how to avoid windshield cracks.

Windshield Chips

A chip is a small blemish caused when an impact breaks part of a windshield. Chips usually occur during accidents or collisions, though they can sometimes happen while driving over rough roadways.

The size and location of the chip determine whether it needs to be repaired. If a chip penetrates through the innermost layer of the windshield, it must be replaced. Otherwise, there are several options for repairing the damage.

Tips for Vehicle Owners

The best way to prevent small scratches and dings is to keep your vehicle clean. A car wash is one of the easiest ways to do this. However, there are some things you can do yourself to ensure the surface of your vehicle looks great. Here are five tips for keeping your vehicle looking like new.

1. Wash Your Car Regularly

Keeping your vehicle clean helps protect it against minor scratches and dents. If you don’t wash your car regularly, dirt and grime build up over time, making the paint look duller and less attractive. You can easily wash your car yourself without having to hire a professional mechanic. Just follow these steps:

  • Start by cleaning the exterior of your car thoroughly. Use soap and water to wipe down the hood, trunk, doors, windows, mirrors, bumpers, fenders, and tires.
  • When washing the interior of your car, use a sponge or rag to wipe down the dashboard, steering wheel, seats, floor mats, door panels, and glove compartment.

2. Keep Waxed Tires Clean

Tire shine products help make your tires look better. They give your wheels a glossy finish and add extra protection against road debris. But tire shine doesn’t work well on dirty or greasy surfaces. So, make sure you keep your tires clean and shiny by wiping them down with a soft cloth every few months.

How Much Does Windshield Repair Cost?

The cost to repair a chip or crack typically starts at around $50. Costs increase from there, depending on the complexity and size of the damage. Some auto glass repair providers will promote discounts if multiple chips or cracks are fixed at the same time.

Windshield repair technicians will evaluate your windshield before repairing it. If they deem that it is not repairable, your next option is to have your windshield replaced. This may lead you to wonder- How much does windshield replacement cost?

The national average is around $300. This price includes parts and labor for the replacement. However, this cost varies from vehicle to vehicle and will depend on what options your particular vehicle is equipped with. The cost of recalibrating a vehicle equipped with ADAS features will be additional.

Is Your Glass Repairable?

Laminated glass is used in the windshields as compared to side door windows, which consists of tempered glass. You can repair the wind shield but not the glass of side doors.

For your comfort, we will tell you that professionals can easily repair smaller chips and cracks. Some of the windshield cracks which can be repaired are;

  • Cracks produced by small stones or balls.
  • Chips of size smaller than quarter and cracks with size more about 2-3 inches are easy to repair.
  • 1cm chip outside the area in front of the driver seat.
  • Chip up to 7 cm and cracks up to 35 cm is the maximum limit for repairing.
  • Cracks at the center or away from the corners of the windshield can be repaired as the cracks at corners affect the stability of vehicles.
  • Cover the cracks with tape, so no debris or dust enters the crevices as cracks with debris and small stones are difficult to repair. And for instance, if you repair the crack, the surface will not appear as smooth as the original.
  • Cracks occur a few days past and are not washed by cold water.
  • The windshield has two glass layers. If the damage is only on the outside, it is easy to repair.
  • If the crack has occurred in the windshield area in front of the driver, it is not possible to repair it. The repair at such a location can disturb the view for the driver and may lead to an accident.
  • Any crack in the area of the sensor like a rain sensor, lane departure warning systems cannot be repaired and are replaced. You need a clear screen view for these sensors; otherwise, they do not perform properly.

How windshield chips or cracks occur?

Well, it is not necessary that a vehicle has met an accident if its windshield is broken. It is possible that the windshield is hit by a ball thrown by children playing in the ground. A small stone from someone’s wheel might have hit the screen. Or someone intentionally hit the screen with a bat. Even in some cases, small particles in the chips lead to increased damage to the screen.

How to deal with such situations is not very difficult. Just cover the crack with clear plastic tape and take it to the nearest repair shop.

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