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Do you know what coffee lovers love the most? Obviously their cup of coffee in the early morning. According to the survey of Filterfresh Coffee reports, 54% of surveyed people said that they can give up their cell phone instead of giving up their cup of coffee. 96% of the people say that they get their daily dose of caffeine from coffee. But a major percentage of people are not considering black coffee as a replacement or a contributor of weight loss. But does black coffee really contribute a lot to your weight losing diet?

Coffee helps to lose weight

According to registered dietitian Kathy Taylor, “Some studies have shown that drinking coffee with caffeine may slightly increase weight loss or in actuality prevent weight gain by suppressing the appetite or the desire to eat.” She further added, “It may also help with calorie burning by stimulating thermogenesis–our body’s way of generating heat from metabolizing food. Ultimately caffeine acts like a diuretic causing us to have water loss so there is a temporary decrease in body weight.”People who are trying to lose weight often think, coffee helps to become slimmer because they cannot eat much after having coffee as they feel less hungry. But according to Dr. DanineFruge, Associate Medical Director of the Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, coffee is not a replacement for food, it fools your brain for very long. So you still need to eat.

Coffee helps with your workout

The owner of Adlertraining in New York City, MaikWiedenbach feels that coffee is an excellent means to lose weight for a number of reasons. It is a very powerful anti-oxidant which is very useful for your health and recovery after exercising. Coffee also mobilizes free fatty acids but they can be oxidized during work outs. He further added, coffee makes you mentally stronger and you can focus more on work.

Greater metabolism

The Weight Control Room website suggests to drink black coffee on an empty stomach, for maximum weight loss success stories. They also say caffeine can increase your metabolism by stimulating your nervous system as it speeds up the burning of calories by pulling fatty acids out of the fat cells.They also warn you, coffee should not be consumed while having food containing carbohydrates, “If you drink coffee while eating carbohydrates the insulin produced in your body may override the fat burning effects of the caffeine.”


Taylor added, as coffee is a stimulant, black coffee helps your heart to pump fast before a workout in the morning because it is stimulant induced. He also said, “My advice is to keep your coffee or any caffeinated beverages to only 2 per day”, which is two 8oz. cups per day. He also suggested drinking coffee before noon as they will not negatively affect your sleep. According to his opinion, the main goal should be enough sleep i.e. 6-8 hours, so you will not require the stimulant.

Other considerations

Coffee is an anorectic and it abolishes your appetite. So it is very important to drink a lot of water and maintain a healthy diet for coffee lovers. Dr. Fruge also said, people who drink a lot of coffee, sometimes reduce water consumption and they are more interested in junk food such as pastries, burgers etc. She further added, coffee addicts overeat later because they skip meals while drinking coffee.


Coffee has a quick saturation effect, Wiedenbach warns coffee lovers to not drink it every day. High consumption above 800 mg per day can result in sweating, tremors and heart palpitations. But there is also some good news, “The body wanes off caffeine quickly; it only takes 5 days to clean the receptor cells. After that, you can enjoy the benefits anew,” said Weidenbach.


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