These 11 Reasons Will Force You To Drink Coffee Everyday

It is very difficult to find any adult in this world who has never tasted coffee. It is drunk in each and every country of the world. The popularity of coffee can be estimated by the number of Starbucks located in the USA! There were 13,930 outlets of Starbucks in the US with another 27339 worldwide, counted in October 2017, clearly defines how widely coffee being loved by all.

Coffee can be amazing for our brain, body and even our skin. We have listed 11 reasons why you should drink coffee every morning. Read on to know them.

1. Great Source of Antioxidants


A research conducted in 2005 suggests that “nothing else comes close” to supplying us as many antioxidants as coffee gives.

Though many vegetables and fruits contain lots of antioxidants, our human body absorbs the greatest amount of coffee.

2. Less Stress

stress-coffee-imageThe brains of mice who were stressed with insomnia were tested by the researchers at the Seoul National University and results revealed that the scent of coffee changes the brain proteins tied to that stress.

But one thing to be noted, this study is not related to the stress itself, only to stress because of less sleep. We are not so sure now to suggest you sleep with roasted coffee beans every night! But feel free to try it!!

3. Fewer Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

coffee-for-parkinson's-disease-imageAccording to a report at ScienceDaily, coffee consumption may help people who are suffering Parkinson’s disease, to control their movement.

The research author, Ronald Postuma said, “Studies have shown that people who use caffeine are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, but this is one of the first studies in humans to show that caffeine can help with movement symptoms for people who already have the disease.”

4. Coffee is Great for Liver

liver_improves_coffee_imagesA study in 2006 which included 125,000 people above 22 years old suggests that people who drink at least a cup of coffee every day has 20% less risk of liver cirrhosis, which is a disease caused because of too much alcohol consumption.

This can also lead to cancer and liver failure. But the lead author of the research, Arthur L Klatsky told the Guardian, “Consuming coffee seems to have some protective benefits against alcoholic cirrhosis, and the more coffee a person consumes the less risk they seem to have of being hospitalized or dying of alcoholic cirrhosis.”Reports also show that coffee can help prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). It was also revealed by an international team of researchers that consuming four or more cups of coffee can help prevent the progression of NAFLD.

5. Coffee Makes You Feel Happier

coffee-makes-me-happy-imageA research conducted by the National
Institute of Health shows that people who consume four or more cups of coffee were 10% less depressed than those who never tasted it.

But it is not because of the high caffeine, Coke also has high levels of caffeine but it is linked to depression.

The author of the study, Honglei Chen, MD told that the possible reason for coffee making you feel better is its antioxidants.

6. Coffee Drinking Leads to Lower Suicides

kill-myself-coffee-imageA study by the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that drinking at least two cups of coffee per day can decrease the risk of suicide about 50%.

The likely reason is coffee acts as a delicate antidepressant by leading to the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline.

7. Less Risk of Skin Cancer for Women


Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School examined 112,897 women &  men for more than a 20-year period and disclosed that women who consume three or more cups of coffee every day are in less risk of developing skin cancer than those who don’t take caffeine.

8. Coffee Makes You More Intelligent

intelligence-coffee-imageYou usually drink coffee when you feel sleepy, right? That not only keeps you awake but also makes you even sharper. According to CNN reports, coffee enables your brain to work more smartly and efficiently.

Michael Lemonick, TIME reporter said, “When you’re sleep-deprived and you take caffeine, pretty much anything you measure will improve: reaction time, vigilance, attention, logical reasoning — most of the complex functions you associate with intelligence.”

9. Coffee Can Decrease The Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

coffee-reduce-diabetes-risk-imageA study from the American Chemical Society suggests that coffee reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

The researchers found out that people who drink four or more cups of coffee have about 50% fewer chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Drinking every additional cup after that leads to a decrease in the risk by 7%.

10. Coffee Consumption Can Keep the Brain Healthy

coffee-guard-brain-imageIt was found out that people aged over 65 who had higher levels of caffeine in their body developed Alzheimer’s disease two or four years later than people with low levels of caffeine.

According to the co-author of the study, Dr. Chuanhai,  “We are not saying that moderate coffee consumption will completely protect people from Alzheimer’s disease. However, we firmly believe that moderate coffee consumption can appreciably reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s or delay its onset.”

11. Coffee Makes You a Better Athlete 

coffee-gives-athlates-energy-imageAccording to a report in the New York Times,

“Scientists and many athletes have known for years, of course, that a cup of coffee before a workout jolts athletic performance, especially in endurance sports like distance running and cycling.”

Caffeine leads to a rise in the number of fatty acids in the blood which enables athlete’s muscles to burn and absorb fats for fuel which allows saving the body’s small reserves of carbohydrates for later use in exercise.

However, apart from all those great benefits listed above, it is also observed that for some people with digestive issues, coffee can be harmful and irritating to their stomach.

But that doesn’t mean to decaffeinate yourself from indulging in a creamed coffee. thehomemakersjournal recently posted an excellent descriptive review about the best low acid coffee brands that literally can allow you drink even more cup of coffee without being irritated into your stomach.

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