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We all love coffee, each and every one of us. Coffee is being drunk regularly by about 150 million people in the U.S. But have we ever thought that how much actually we know about coffee? There are a number of fascinating facts about its popularity and the benefits it provides to your body. Coffee is not just helping you to wake up every morning. So let us look at some of the weird coffee facts of caffeine below:

  1. Coffee was used to be eaten:

Most of us enjoy coffee as a beverage nowadays but it was not exactly like this in the past. Coffee was produced to be eaten. It started when a farmer in Ethiopia saw that the goats were consuming a plant and was acting in a very strange manner. It was found out that this was a coffee plant. Then the farmer decided to eat it and after consuming it, he started feeling energized and strong. It is unnecessary to say, that many people followed the farmer and consumed coffee to become refreshed. Coffee was not ground and brewed up to some years of invention.


  1. Dark roasted coffee contains less caffeine:

If you want to enjoy dark roasted coffee than a medium roast, you will really get less amount of caffeine. When coffee is being roasted, the caffeine which is present in the beans is also burnt. So coffee beans which are roasted for a long time have less caffeine in them compared to medium or light roasted coffee. 


  1. Coffee is the second most traded commodity:

There is no other product sold more than coffee except oil. Coffee is only beaten by oil in trading. This is not a surprise when we take into account all its varieties and flavor. As coffee is the second most traded product, it means that it is sold more than even natural gas and gold which is very exciting.


  1. The maximum cups of coffee drunk in 7 hours is:

A world record has been made by a daring coffee-lover who drank 82 cups of coffee in 7 hours. This is something worth talking about but this is also true, too much coffee consumption can kill you. The maximum amount of coffee you can drink is 100 cups, but never try to break this record. Just enjoy your coffee every morning!


  1. Maximum coffee is consumed in the US:

The US is the greatest consumer of coffee, it uses about 1/3 of the total coffee which is exported. The New York state in the US consumes the most coffee. Most people there drink at least three cups per day. If it is calculated in a larger scale, it reveals that 450,000,000 cups of coffee are consumed every day only in the US!

Coffee still continues to be popular now as it was when it was discovered several centuries ago. It came, fitted and started, then losing its popularity to tea and again regained its popularity. The current trend of gourmet coffee shops shows its huge popularity now and in the future. Coffee is gaining even more popularity due to invention of new recipes and flavors which are coming to the market. There is no possibility of losing its popularity again now rather it will increase even more day by day. 

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