Turn These Ingredients Into A Creamy Espresso Martini At Home

Sometimes we really get bored by drinking the same black coffee, latte, or cappuccino every time. We think about different recipes of coffee isn’t it? A unique coffee recipe can also work wonders while you’re hosting parties. Actually, nothing is better than Espresso Martini in these situations. And during such festive mode, an Espresso Martini can be wonderful. Now you may wonder if the recipe is easy to make at home? Yes, it is far easier than you have thought.

Essential Ingredients

Espresso Martini is a cold, coffee-flavored cocktail made with vodka, espresso coffee, coffee liqueur, and sugar syrup. It is not a true martini but is one of many drinks that incorporate the term into their names. A perfect espresso martini just requires three ingredients.

#1. Vodka

#2. Espresso Coffee

#3. Coffee Liqueur

Is this making you crazy for the steps of making this? Now lets head on how you can make a perfect cup of this unique drink.


As you will require only three ingredients for making espresso martini, make sure that you choose high-quality ingredients. Vodka is one of the main ingredients of this recipe. So, you must choose one of the world’s best tasting vodka. If you have no clue about the best vodka brands, here’s a tip. Grey Goose is obviously the finest choice for this cocktail drink. Only one and a half shot of vodka is required at first. Then you may add two shots of coffee into the cocktail shaker.

The next… A coffee liquor of very good quality. Sugar syrups can also be used instead of coffee liquors. Whichever you opt for, put it in the cocktail shaker.

Now its time to add some ice to the espresso martini as it needs to chill. Now it should be shake very well as shaking is a very important part of this cocktail recipe. The creamy and smooth finish of this drink will depend upon shaking. You must shake the drink for at least a minute to make it creamy and smooth. Now the ice should be removed from the glasses and poured in the cocktail mix. A light misting of vodka can also be used to avoid any type of bubbles on the top of espresso martini. Now you can add three coffee beans on top to make it extremely presentable. And your best espresso martini is ready for serving!

Things to Remember Before You Make an Espresso Martini 

  •  A dash of heavy cream may be added to the shaker before mixing as this will make the cocktail thicker and obviously tastier. Just remember to shake longer as the cream will require more time to mix in. 
  • Sometimes the layer of white froth can be quite annoying. Shaking for longer time will help you to get rid of this. You should shake it up to 90 seconds. The shaking will help to balance the white froth against the black dark drink which will give your espresso martini a very attractive look. 
  • The flavor of this cocktail will not be affected by the type of espresso used. You can used any of caffeinated or decaffeinated espresso. So, you have the freedom to use your favorite kind of espresso.

Now you surely know how to make a perfect glass of espresso martini! So, from now, you will never be hesitated to call your closest ones for a surprise meal! This yummy drink will work wonders for yourself as well as your loved ones as coffee is a reason for being close to them!

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