Types Of Coffee Maker

There are many ways to produce a delicious, well-balanced cup of coffee at home. Here are some of our favorite types of coffee makers.

Automatic Coffee Makers

You can have the best coffee maker, but it won’t matter if you are not the right ratio of coffee to water. For the ideal cup of coffee, we recommended 9 to 11 grams (about 2 tablespoons of medium-grind coffee per 6 ounces of water)

Smart Coffee Makers

Want to upgrade to a “smart” coffee machine with an app that lets you switch on the coffee maker from a smartphone? Imagine the convenience of brewing coffee before getting out of bed.

Manual Coffee Makers

The charm of manual coffee makers is that they are affordable, portable, and easy to master over time. People love french press coffee makers for their full-bodied brew and user friendly design.

Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Coffee lovers have long recommended the benefits of brewing coffee with cold water. The process is largely hands-off and yields a strong concentrate that can be stored in the fridge and diluted to make iced coffee.

Espresso Machine

Espresso machine range is price from well under $100 for basic machines to sophisticated machines that can cost you as much as $3800.

Manual Espresso Makers

Although perhaps not as powerful, manual espresso makers are portable, lightweight, user-friendly alternatives to expensive electric machines, and they produce great espresso.

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