Yama Glass Cold Drip Coffee Maker

The Yama Glass Cold Drip Coffee Maker is an amazing product from Yama that has been doing its business in the hand-blown coffee and tea equipment since the late 1970s. This drip coffee maker is perfect for you if the quickness of the modern coffee makers is not what you want because you prefer a cup of coffee that has taken hours to be brewed to deliver you the most delectable taste.

The coffee maker can provide you with delightful cold coffee for which you will have to use the correct ratio of ice water and perfectly ground coffee. You may use the rose buds, black or green varieties of tea too in the yama cold drip coffee maker.

Yama Glass Cold Drip Coffee Maker
Yama Glass Cold Drip Coffee Maker Straight Black Wood Frame

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The yama cold drip coffee maker can be bought in two sizes i.e.

  1. 1000 ml (32 oz or 8 cups) and
  2. 3000 ml (96 oz or 25 cups)

You can grab it in two different wooden frames also i.e. straight black or curved brown.

Here, we will be talking about Yama Glass 25 Cup Cold Drip Maker Straight Black Wood Frame that we had a detailed look at.

Construction of Yama Glass Cold Drip Maker (25 cups) Straight Black Wood Frame

The Yama Glass 25 Cup Cold Drip Maker Straight Black Wood Frame may appear like a scientist’s equipment but its construction will give you an acid-free perfection in your coffee. It is a black wooden tower containing glass coils, glass beakers, brass valves and funnels where the water tank is at the top and the dripping valve is at the lower end of which there are coffee jar and Cold Brew Drip Coffee in the end.

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The ice and water mixture is poured into the topmost chamber of the coffee maker. The coffee is kept in the second. The coffee then goes through the spiral tube and reaches the bottom chamber from where you can serve the coffee. The spiral tube helps in the smooth dripping process rather than being only a decorative item. Its frame is made from black wood.

How to use Yama Glass Cold Drip Maker, Straight Black Wood Frame

Yama Class Drip Coffee Maker

The coffee maker takes quite a long period of time around 8-12 hours to brew coffee for you. To make coffee in it, you will require 3000ml or 96oz of ice and water mixture. It is very necessary to keep in mind that the ice and water mixture that you will be using for brewing should be cold enough that it will remain so till the whole process ends as it is going to be quite a long process. It is advised not to use much ice as it may hamper the brewing process to an extent.

First of all, you will have to pour the water and ice mixture in the topmost glass beaker. Then, you will have to open the valve at the lower end to start the dripping. The drip maker is quite sensitive, so you can adjust the drop rate according to you and take care of the consistency from time to time if it’s too slow or too fast. Do take care so as to maintain a smooth running brewing process.

Features of the Yama Glass Cold Drip Coffee Maker

  • It has got an amazing design that will look beautiful in any corner of your home, restaurant, tea shop or coffee shop.
  • It gets you an acid-free delectable coffee i.e. up to 80% less acidic.
  • There is a permanent ceramic filter instead of a textile filter which is a mess as it needs to be put under water before installing and rewashed before reusing.
  • It is dishwasher & microwave safe and can resist heat too.
  • Apart from only coffee, you may also make tea with it.
  • The drip rate can be controlled by the user.
  • It can be used for both coffee and tea.
  • It is undoubtedly a fun way of brewing the delectable cold coffee.
  • You will find it easy to use it once you have become familiar with it.

Drawbacks of the Yama Glass Cold Drip Coffee Maker Straight Black Wood Frame

  • Using ceramic filter instead of a textile filter may result in some coffee particles in your cup in the end.
  • Though it is solid, but its design looks quite old fashioned unless you wish to have an antique piece at your place.
  • It takes quite a long time to brew coffee.
  • It is expensive too.

Our Verdict

The Yama Glass Cold Drip Coffee Maker (25 Cup) Straight Black Wood Frame might be expensive for an average earning person, but we feel that every penny spent on this proves worthy of it. It gets you an amazing design with a lot of ease to use. Adding to this, it gets you delicious cold coffee and is indeed a perfect gift for someone who loves coffee.

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