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Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Coffeemaker | Reviews

Are you looking for a best drip coffee maker suitable to fit in your small family home? Could you require one for personal usage? Look no more for we bring to you the perfect coffee maker! The best solution to your problems is the zutto5-cup drip coffee maker by Zojirushi team up collaboration with the Japanese interior designers, which is the perfect coffee maker for you.

The word ‘Zojirushi’ comes from a Japanese word, which means always. The origin of a product counts for reliability. It is a small sized coffee maker with a filter basket and water tank that is easy to access hence can fill without moving out from the cabinet. It has an easy to use

The origin of a product counts for reliability. It is a small sized coffee maker with a filter basket and water tank that is easy to access hence can fill without moving out from the cabinet. It has an easy to use controller. Although the zutto 5-cup drip coffee maker is almost entirely made of plastic, it should be noted that this plastic is of high quality

The features of the zutto 5-cup drip coffee maker will not only fascinate you but also marvel you because of its incredibility.

Features of Zutto 5-cup Drip Coffee Maker:

650 Wattage Drip Coffee Maker:

It has amount of watt that can brew enough coffee at high speed hence one can make coffee while in a hurry. This strength is helpful in making the ideal temperatures for your coffee and maintenance of the temperatures whenever you preserve coffee in it.

This strength is also meant to speed up your preparation activity. As compared with other coffee makers, this machine is very fast in making high-quality coffee ready for consumption. Go for this convenient coffee maker available in the market at a pocket-friendly price. It will not disappoint you.

Replaceable Water Filter:

Alongside this feature, a measuring spoon and user manual are included. It has a filter cone that sits within the decanters thus making it compact. It also ensures the ground beans are properly soaked during brewing. The bottom cone filter provides good coffee making.

All this is to help you in ensuring that the coffee product out of this machine is of high quality and ready for consumption. This machine will hence never disappoint you especially when you have guests to serve coffee. I would recommend that you go for it and begin to enjoy the advantages it has to offer.

A Removable Water Reservoir:

This reservoir is concealed and has an automatic keep-warm function. It lasts up to two years under normal use for clean operation. It makes up about 5 cups of coffee and retains its warmth throughout the storage time. The reservoir is easily removable to fill up with water in the morning.

The reservoir also has a water measure with easily readable units. You will agree with me; it is not always that we prepare coffee and consume at that exact time. This feature offers you the freedom to prepare coffee and drink it whichever time you are comfortable.

Zojirushi ec dac50 coffee maker

Compact and Easy to Use Design:

It is compact due to the filter cones that are inside the decanter. This helps to remove coffee grounds when through with the machine in a natural manner.  It has an incredible simplicity. Also, the design regarding performance is incredible, as it offers your kitchen a classy appearance.

The material is also easy to clean helping maintain cleanliness in your environment. This feature is hence to take care of those who feel they cannot hold anything less classy and with a poor display in their kitchen.  You will be surprised by this product’s elegant design.

Durable Handle Design:

The carafe takes heat because of the attached band at the handle to the carafe. The carafe has one metal band at the top of the carafe, which aids in handle attachment. With this combination, the machine is made durable and meant to offer you the best coffee making services for a long time.

You are also entitled to enjoying a one-year warranty. This is something everyone is always looking for in all products before making purchases. Maintenance of this machine is also easy as no damages are likely to take place. Grab a piece and enjoy the features for an extended period.


  • The machine’s filter is strongly built inside the decanter thus prevents falling of the coffee grounds into the coffee
  • It requires minimum cost of maintenance as charcoal filter can be used for two years
  • It is extremely easy to clean up especially because it has a removable water reservoir making cleaning efficient
  • The water reservoir is easily accessible and so is the filter basket whereby the filter basket and the water reservoir is removable and found right inside the decanter
  • The coffee maker is of the right size as it is neither too small nor too big
  • Though it is entirely made of plastic, the plastic is of high quality and comes with a surprisingly considerable cost
  • It is suitable for first-time users as it is super easy to use especially because the filter cone is inside the decanter so it only takes a minute to remove the coffee grounds


  • It does not have a second band at the carafe thus making it bend or break under pressure if not handled keenly
  • It only brews five cups of coffee at a time, which is a disadvantage especially when you are making coffee for more than five people

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this product have a warranty?

A: Yes, this great coffee maker has a one-year warranty for ultimate services

Q: Why should I purchase online?

A: Well, if you care about safety and purchases of the high-quality product, I would say go for online business. The prices there are also very friendly, and I am sure you will love the services.


For small families or people living on their own, this coffee maker will blow your mind with no doubt. With its 650 watts, it can boil water at a fast rate so that your coffee will be ready within a few minutes. It also has an automatic warm function. The featherweight coffee maker will give you a good cup of coffee in the easiest way possible. This coffee maker can be purchased online at fair prices.

Coffee is not rated as good coffee without this coffee maker. The best focus for your delicious and fabulous coffee is the Zojirushi 5-cup coffee maker. Hurry and get your dream coffee maker now and enjoy your coffee on a day-to-day basis.


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